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School of Social Work (SOCW)

School of Social Work
University of Victoria
Human & Social Development Building B302
School of Social Work
Human & Social Development Bldg.
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
School of Social Work
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Social Work General Office Michelle Fyfe 250-721-8036 HSD B302
Acting Director Donna Jeffery 250-472-4129 HSD B302a
FAX 250-721-6228
Assistant to the Director Donna Barker 250-472-5072 HSD B302
Academic Administrative Officer Carol Anne Sargent 250-721-8034 HSD B320
Admissions and Academic Support Coordinator (BSW) Coretta Peets 250-721-8047 HSD B322
Receptionist/Program Assistant Michelle Fyfe 250-721-8036 HSD B302
BSW Academic Advisor 250-721-8042 HSD B314
Field Education Assistant Judy Sara 250-472-5109 HSD B302
Distance Education Assistant Kyoko Urano 250-721-8038 HSD B302
Field Education Coordinator Shawn Hoey 250-721-8039 HSD B307
Indigenous Program Assistant Murray Leslie 250-472-5137 HSD B302
Program Manager Dora Leigh Bjornson 250-721-8953 HSD B314
MSW Program Assistant Lucas Baird 250-472-5622 HSD B302
Field Education Coordinator Hyeyoung Jeon 250-721-8035 HSD B311
Admissions and Academic Support Coordinator (MSW) Saeed Sheshehgar 250-472-4656 HSD B321
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Billie Allan 250-472-4632 (campus local: 4632)
Cheryl Aro
Lucas Baird
Donna Barker 250-472-5072 (campus local: 5072)
Jeannine Carriere 250-721-6452 (campus local: 6452)
Michele Fairbairn
Michelle Fyfe
Gwendolyn Gosek
Jacquie Green
Kim Grzybowski 250-710-4222
Rhonda Hackett 250-721-8046 (campus local: 8046)
Shawn Hoey 250-721-8039 (campus local: 8039)
Jodi Hoffman
Cindy Holmes
Donna Jeffery 250-721-8037 (campus local: 8037)
Hyeyoung Jeon 250-721-8035 (campus local: 8035)
Zaheera Jinnah
Ryan Khungay
Amanda LaVallee 250-472-4596 (campus local: 4596)
Tracey Lavoie 250-472-5146 (campus local: 5146)
Murray Leslie 250-472-5137 (campus local: 5137)
Patric Lougheed
Hillary Luis
Akki Mackay
Patricia MacKenzie
Kirsten Mikkelsen
Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha 250-721-8041 (campus local: 8041)
Jenny Morgan
Jennifer Nutton 250-472-5311 (campus local: 5311)
Coretta Peets
Gayle Ployer 250-721-8045 (campus local: 8045)
Gladys Rowe
Deborah Rutman
Gaben Sanchez 250-853-3209 (campus local: 3209)
Carol Anne Sargent 250-721-8034 (campus local: 8034)
Yvette Sellars 250-721-8040 (campus local: 8040)
Saeed Sheshehgar 250-472-4656 (campus local: 4656)
Alia Shihadeh
Leanne Stepp
Glen Tadsen 250-721-3307 (campus local: 3307)
Chris Tse
Kyoko Urano 250-721-8038 (campus local: 8038)
Bruce Wallace 250-721-6275 (campus local: 6275)
Jaehee Yi 250-472-4698 (campus local: 4698)

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