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Department of Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Victoria
Elliott Building 101
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rm. 101
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Chair Adam Ritz 250-721-7698 ELL 103
Assistant to the Chair, General Office Supervisor Monica Lee-Bonar 250-721-7698 ELL 102
General Inquiries/Office Assistant Cato Reona 250-721-7700 ELL 101
Administrative Officer and Registration Susan Gnucci 250-721-7699 ELL 104
Graduate Advisor Pavel Kovtun 250-721-7723 ELL 110
Graduate Program Assistant Cassandra Van Eyk 250-721-7700 ELL 101
Undergrad Advisor: Years 1 & 2 Mark Laidlaw 250-721-7701 ELL 106
Undergrad Advisor: Years 3 & 4 Bob Kowalewski 250-721-6156 ELL 204
System Manager Rolf Seuster 250-721-7729 ELL 119
Outreach Coordinator Susan Gnucci 250-721-7699 ELL 104
Laboratory Coordinator Alexander van Netten 250-721-7709 ELL 114
Physics & Astronomy Co-op Arkady Futerman
VISPA Office Peggy White ELL 207
Graduate Student Association
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Mina Abbaslou
Hossain Ahmed
Justin Albert 250-721-7742 (campus local: 7742)
David Andersen
Mukesh Aryal
Afsana Azam
Richard Baartman
Arif Babul 250-721-8844 (campus local: 8844)
Magdalena Bazalova 250-721-7704 (campus local: 7704)
Wayne Beckham 250-519-5620
Spencer Bialek
Arthur Blackburn 250-721-7703 (campus local: 7703)
Dori Blakely
John Blakeslee
Nikita Blinov
Simon Blouin
Alexandra Borukhovetskaya
Nicolas Braam
Alexandre Brolo 250-721-7167 (campus local: 7167)
Reona Cato
Scott Chapman
Charlie Chen
Erika Chin
Devika Chithrani
Byoung-Chul Choi 250-721-7731 (campus local: 7731)
Cristina Cordoba
Benoit Cote
Patrick Cote
Susan Dang
Swapnil Daxini 250-813-1904
Samuel de Jong 250-721-7735 (campus local: 7735)
Rogerio de Sousa 250-721-7712 (campus local: 7712)
Pavel Denisenkov 250-721-7739 (campus local: 7739)
James Di Francesco 778-350-1510
Iris Dillmann
Robin Dong
Colson Driemel
Marcus Ebert
Sara Ellison 250-721-7737 (campus local: 7737)
Matthew Ens
Sebastien Fabbro
Laura Ferrarese
Samuel Fielder
Matthew Fitzpatrick 778-689-0750
Saeid Foroughi Abari 236-882-6310
Wes Fraser
Josh Gage
Isabelle Gagne
Johannes Gemmrich 250-472-5573 (campus local: 5573)
Sahar Gholami Milani
Sahar Gholipourverki
Robert Gleisinger
Susan Gnucci 250-721-7699 (campus local: 7699)
Colin Goldblatt
Reuven Gordon 250-472-5179 (campus local: 5179)
Alexander Gottberg
Ann Gower
Layla Haddad
Kenji Hamano
Alexander Hart
Mark Hartz
William Harvey
Falk Herwig 250-721-7743 (campus local: 7743)
Clare Higgs
Michelle Hilts
Cornelia Hoehr
John Hutchings
Werner Israel
Kate Jackson
Jaclyn Jensen
Kristan Jensen
Andrew Jirasek
Douglas Johnstone
Tobias Junginger
Dean Karlen 250-721-6585 (campus local: 6585)
JJ Kavelaars 250-363-8694
Richard Keeler 250-721-7746 (campus local: 7746)
Ben Kellman
Oliver Kester 778-828-2834
Helen Kirk
Jody Klymak 250-472-5969 (campus local: 5969)
Akira Konaka
Shane Koscielniak
Pavel Kovtun 250-721-7723 (campus local: 7723)
Bob Kowalewski 250-721-6156 (campus local: 6156)
Tarun Kumar
Gabor Kunstatter
Leonid Kurchaninov
Max Kurzner
Ania Kwiatkowski
Mark Laidlaw
Bob Laxdal
Aram Lee
Monica Lee-Bonar 250-721-7698 (campus local: 7698)
Michel Lefebvre 250-721-7706 (campus local: 7706)
Ophelie Leste
Ruochuan Liu
Nic Loewen
Peter Loock 250-721-7062 (campus local: 7062)
Andrew Macdonald 250-721-7714 (campus local: 7714)
Andrew MacRae
Shunyuan Mao
Christian Marois
Fatemeh Maroufkhani
Travis Martin
Brenda Matthews
Alan McConnachie
Jason McCormick
David Mckeen
Douglas McKenzie 250-721-6584 (campus local: 6584)
Robert McPherson 604-505-5322
Eric Mefford
Da Meng
Tony Mestrovic
Adam Monahan 250-472-5075 (campus local: 5075)
David Morrissey
Julio Navarro 250-721-6644 (campus local: 6644)
Petr Navratil
Teaghan O'Briain
Tanner Oleksiuk
Arthur Olin
Afif Omar
Yuhao Peng
Mike Pfleger 721-771-4
Thomas Planche
Maxim Pospelov 250-721-5346 (campus local: 5346)
Katherine Prestridge
Salvatore Quai
Rob Rempel 250-721-7717 (campus local: 7717)
Jakob Rimmer
Adam Ritz 250-721-7698 (campus local: 7698)
Pierre-Antoine Rodesch
Manuel Rodriguez Vega
Michael Roney 250-721-7705 (campus local: 7705)
Cassandra Rosa
Christopher Ruiz
Heather Russell
Thomas Ruth
Vida Saeedzadeh
Alexander Schmid 250-721-6521 (campus local: 6521)
Federico Sestito
Rolf Seuster 250-721-7729 (campus local: 7729)
Maheyer Shroff
Alexei Sibidanov
Luc Simard
Martin Simmons
Simon Smith
Randall Sobie 250-721-7733 (campus local: 7733)
Geoffrey Steeves
Marina Stefanyk
Peter Stetson 250-721-7700 (campus local: 7700)
Sahar Taghayor
Jeremy Tatum
Kate Taylor
Hossen Teimoorinia
Noah Tessema
Karun Thanjavur
William Thompson
Mallory Thorp
Elena Timakova
Sanker Timsina
Isabel Trigger
Ariane Trudeau
Cassandra Van Eyk
Alexander van Netten 250-721-7709 (campus local: 7709)
Don Vandenberg 250-721-7739 (campus local: 7739)
Kim Venn 250-472-5182 (campus local: 5182)
Jean-Pierre Veran
Fletcher Waller
Milton Wang 250-472-5415 (campus local: 5415)
Derek Wells 250-519-5629
Peggy White 250-721-7736 (campus local: 7736)
Jon Willis 250-721-7740 (campus local: 7740)
Emily Wright
Stephenson Yang 250-853-3695 (campus local: 3695)
Saba Yasaei
Tristan Zaborniak
Sergei Zavgorodni

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