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School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education (EPHE)

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School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education
University of Victoria
Mckinnon Building 120
School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director Sandra Hundza 250-721-8382 MCK 122
General Inquiries 250-721-8373 MCK 120
FAX 250-721-6601
Advising Officer Brad Temple 250-721-6554 MCK 115
Administrative Officer Vera Atavina 250-721-8374 MCK 123
Administrative Assistant and Assistant to Director Rebecca Zammit 250-721-8373 MCK 120
Grad & Undergrad Program Assistant Holly Miller-Stroes 250-721-6682
Co-op Coordinator David Hutchinson MCK 113
Natalie Haddow
Co-op Assistant Tammy Doyle 250-721-8390 MCK 112
Co-op FAX 250-472-4944

EPHE Program Leaders:

BSc Kinesiology Kirstin Lane 250-721-7833 MCK 135
BEd Secondary Physical Education Tim Hopper 250-721-8385 MCK 127
BA Recreation & Health Education Viviene Temple 250-721-7846 MCK 133
Graduate Programs Ryan Rhodes 250-721-8384 MCK 189
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Rob Archer
Vera Atavina 250-721-8374 (campus local: 8374)
Katherine Boere
Jean Buckler 250-721-8387 (campus local: 8387)
John Buxcey
Melissa Clarke 250-721-8393 (campus local: 8393)
Nick Clarke 250-514-5693
Cooper Coats
Drew Commandeur
Rebecca Coulter
Sandy Courtnall
Matthew Coxon
Tabitha Craig
David Dew
Tanis Farish
Kathy Gaul 250-721-8380 (campus local: 8380)
Daniel Geneau
Sandra Gibbons 250-721-8383 (campus local: 8383)
Jenn Gruno
Nevin Harper
Marisa Harrington
Molly Henneberry
Heather Hollman
Tim Hopper 250-721-8385 (campus local: 8385)
Sandra Hundza 250-721-8382 (campus local: 8382)
Greg Jackson
Rebecca Jantzen
Marc Klimstra 250-721-8386 (campus local: 8386)
Olav Krigolson 250-721-7843 (campus local: 7843)
Henry La
Kirstin Lane 250-721-7833 (campus local: 7833)
Lara Lauzon 250-721-8378 (campus local: 8378)
Sam Liu 250-721-8392 (campus local: 8392)
Jeremy Lynn
Alyssa Manankil-Lakusta
Steven Meikle
John Meldrum 250-721-8377 (campus local: 8377)
Holly Miller-Stroes 250-721-6682 (campus local: 6682)
Greg Mulligan 250-853-3145 (campus local: 3145)
Holly Murray 250-721-8388 (campus local: 8388)
Arielle Nash
Douglas Nichols 250-721-8376 (campus local: 8376)
Joanne Pady
Charles Parkinson
Veronica Planella 250-721-7294 (campus local: 7294)
Ryan Rhodes 250-721-8384 (campus local: 8384)
Mathew Rocha Hammerstrom
Tom Service
Kurt Smith 250-853-3144 (campus local: 3144)
Elisa Sosa Nicora
Kala Stone
Lynneth Stuart-Hill 250-721-7884 (campus local: 7884)
Anna Sui
Wuyou Sui
Yao Sun
Stephanie Tarlton
Luc Taylor
Viviene Temple 250-721-7846 (campus local: 7846)
Robert Trska
Markus von Hacht
Paul Whitinui 250-472-5870 (campus local: 5870)
Chris Wright
Rebecca Zammit 250-721-8373 (campus local: 8373)

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