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School of Music (MUSI)

School of Music
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
School of Music
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
MacLaurin B102
Victoria, BC
School of Music
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director Alexis Luko 250-721-7901 MAC B104
Administrative Officer Bethany McNeil 250-721-7904 MAC B106
Administrative Assistant Claire Cacheux 250-721-7903 MAC B102
FAX 250-721-6597
Department Secretary & Graduate Secretary Linda Sheldon 250-721-7902 MAC B102
Concert & Publicity Manager Kristy Farkas 250-721-8634 MAC B116
Graduate Advisor Benjamin Butterfield 250-721-7910 MAC B118
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Virginia Acuna
Anita Bonkowski
Patrick Boyle 250-721-7928 (campus local: 7928)
Taylor Brook
Benjamin Butterfield 250-721-7917 (campus local: 7917)
Christopher Butterfield 250-721-7902 (campus local: 7902)
Claire Cacheux
Steven Capaldo 250-721-7835 (campus local: 7835)
Wendell Clanton 250-721-7924 (campus local: 7924)
Katharina Clausius
Adam Jonathan Con 250-721-6451 (campus local: 6451)
Alexander Dunn 778-679-8666
Shawn Earle
Colleen Eccleston
Ann Elliott-Goldschmid 250-721-7919 (campus local: 7919)
Kristy Farkas 250-721-8634 (campus local: 8634)
Pamela Highbaugh Aloni 250-721-7915 (campus local: 7915)
Joanna Hood 250-721-7923 (campus local: 7923)
Kurt Kellan 250-721-7925 (campus local: 7925)
Eva Kinderman 250-721-6136 (campus local: 6136)
Merrie Klazek 250-721-7927 (campus local: 7927)
Harald Krebs 250-721-7905 (campus local: 7905)
William Linwood
Alexis Luko
Scott MacInnes 250-721-7926 (campus local: 7926)
Kirk McNally 250-472-5628 (campus local: 5628)
Bethany McNeil
Arthur Rowe 250-721-7913 (campus local: 7913)
Joseph Salem 250-721-7910 (campus local: 7910)
Andrew Schloss 250-721-7931 (campus local: 7931)
Milton Schlosser
Linda Sheldon 250-721-7902 (campus local: 7902)
Suzanne Snizek 250-721-7920 (campus local: 7920)
Sharon Stanis 250-721-7918 (campus local: 7918)
Ajtony Szakacs 250-891-4276
Anthony Tan 250-721-7916 (campus local: 7916)
Bruce Vogt 250-721-7914 (campus local: 7914)

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