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School of Environmental Studies (ENVI)

School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building B243
School of Environmental Studies
David Turpin Building
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 3060, STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R4
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director Deborah Curran 250-472-5070 DTB B243b
Administrative Officer Sarah Theophilus 250-472-4568 DTB B243a
Receptionist & Undergraduate Programs Assistant Elizabeth E 250-721-7354 DTB B243
Undergraduate Advisor Ryan Hilperts 250-472-5767 DTB B262
Research Manager Alina Fisher 250-472-5923 DTB B239
Graduate Advisor Trevor Lantz 250-853-3566 DTB B254
Graduate Program Assistant Pan Kaewsamrit 250-472-5516 DTB B243
Restoration of Natural Systems - Director Nancy Shackelford 250-472-4387 DTB A129
Restoration of Natural Systems - Program Coordinator Ann Greenwood 250-721-8627
Restoration of Natural Systems Library 250-472-4569 DTB A132
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Pamela Asquith
Eugene Atleo
Natalie Ban 250-853-3569 (campus local: 3569)
Andrew Barnas
Brenda Beckwith
Jack Bindernagel
Louise Blight
Sebastian Bonet
Ludovick Brown
Tessa Budzinski
Jeremy Caradonna
Rosanna Carver
Jamie Clarke
Alain Cuerrier
Deborah Curran 250-472-5070 (campus local: 5070)
Rod Davis 250-882-0072
Douglas Deur
Isabel Deutsch
Karen Dunmall
Marissa Dyck
Don Eastman 250-479-8382
Emily Eaton
Andrew Elves
Alina Fisher 250-472-5923 (campus local: 5923)
Jason Fisher 250-886-9494
Beatrice Frank
Alejandro Frid
Emily Gonzales
Purnima Govindarajulu
Kayla Hamelin
Brooke Hayes
Thomas Heyd 250-853-3767 (campus local: 3767)
Eric Higgs 250-721-8228 (campus local: 8228)
Ryan Hilperts
Morgan Hocking
Dorothy Hodgins
Walter Homewood
Sarah Hunt
Abby Hyde
Sarah Jacobs
Pan Kaewsamrit
Elin Kelsey
Leslie King
Trevor Lantz 250-853-3566 (campus local: 3566)
Lynn Lee
Nancy Mackin
Darcy Mathews 250-472-4941 (campus local: 4941)
Loren Elizabeth McClenachan
Finn McGhee
Nick Montgomery
Charlotte Norris
Tom Okey
Briony Penn
Ana Maria Peredo
Chantelle Potier
Rebecca Reader-Lee
John Restakis
Peter Ross
James Rowe 250-853-3574 (campus local: 3574)
Elise Saatchi
Judith Sayers
Valentin Schaefer
Sue Scott
Christina Service
Nancy Shackelford
Kara Shaw 250-721-7353 (campus local: 7353)
Gerald Singh
Trudi Smith
Pamela Spalding
Niek Jesse Speetjens
Nick Stanger
Brian Starzomski
Frances Stewart
Duncan Taylor
Sarah Theophilus
Angeline Tillmanns
Nancy Turner 250-384-5568
John Volpe 250-472-4298 (campus local: 4298)
Teale Weiss-Gibbons
Charlotte Whitney
Jackie Ziegler