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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (EENG)

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Victoria
Engineering Office Wing 448
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Receptionist & General Office Assistant Janice Closson 250-721-6036 EOW 448
FAX 250-721-6052
Chair Michael McGuire 250-721-8684 EOW 451
Assistant to the Chair & Office Supervisor Amy Issel 250-721-8614 EOW 453
Administrative Officer Dan Mai 250-721-8674 EOW 403
EE Program Director & Undergraduate Advisor Amirali Baniasadi 250-721-8613 EOW 323
CE Program Director & Undergraduate Advisor Mihai Sima 250-721-8680 EOW 313
Undergraduate Academic Advisor Alejandra Montenegro 250-472-5216 EOW 219
MADS Program Director Kin Li
MTIS Program Director Kin Li
Graduate Advisor Alexandra Branzan Albu 250-721-8681 EOW 307
Graduate Secretary, MADS Ember Millott 250-853-3798 EOW 448
Graduate Secretary; MTIS MENG Leng Jax 250-721-8781 EOW 448
Graduate Secretary; MASC PHD NOND Ashleigh Carlsen 250-721-8675 EOW 448
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Somayeh Abniki
Michael Adams 250-721-6025 (campus local: 6025)
Panajotis Agathoklis 250-721-8618 (campus local: 8618)
Hadeer Ahmed
Nasrin Akbari
Muhammad Ali
Shahin Almasi
Riham Altawy 250-721-8629 (campus local: 8629)
Farid Anjidani
Andreas Antoniou
Aashish Arora
Deepali Arora
Donya Ashtiani Haghighi
Narges Attarmoghaddam
Elham Babaei
Mohammad Baharloo
Amirali Baniasadi 250-721-8613 (campus local: 8613)
Erik Bedard
Ashoka Bhat 250-721-8682 (campus local: 8682)
Yifeng Bie
Jens Bornemann 250-721-8666 (campus local: 8666)
Imen Bourguiba
Alexandra Branzan Albu 250-721-8681 (campus local: 8681)
William Briguglio
Nicholas Bruce
Leonard Bruton
Levente Buzas
Lin Cai 250-507-1421
David Capson 250-721-6030 (campus local: 6030)
Ashleigh Carlsen
Janice Closson 250-721-6036 (campus local: 6036)
James Collins 250-595-6928
Melissa Cote
Thomas Darcie 250-721-8686 (campus local: 8686)
Amanda Dash
Jesus Diaz Ruiz
Alexandros Dimopoulos
Nikitas Dimopoulos 250-721-8902 (campus local: 8902)
Xiaodai Dong 250-721-6029 (campus local: 6029)
Peter Driessen 250-721-8688 (campus local: 8688)
Sanjay Dutt
Haytham El Miligi
Watheq El-Kharashi 250-721-6030 (campus local: 6030)
Mohamed Elhaddad
Michael Elkink 250-472-5299 (campus local: 5299)
Morteza Esmaeili
Saeed Farajollahi
Amir Farzad
Paul Fedrigo 250-721-8669 (campus local: 8669)
Robert Fichtner 250-721-8669 (campus local: 8669)
Deisy Formiga Mamedes
Rainey Fu
Fayez Gebali 250-721-6509 (campus local: 6509)
Sina Ghaffari
Sarvenaz Ghafourian Bolori Mashhad
Aman Gill
Reuven Gordon 250-472-5179 (campus local: 5179)
Dmitrii Govor
Kenza Guenda
Aaron Gulliver 250-721-6028 (campus local: 6028)
Ghazal Hajisalem
Sanaul Haque
Stephen Harrison
Shahin Honari
Elham Hosseini Toodeshki
Yiming Huo
Atef Ibrahim
Amy Issel 250-721-8614 (campus local: 8614)
Shohei Iwamoto
Sorkleng Jax
Frank Jiang
Julie Jiang
Kevin Jones 250-472-5295 (campus local: 5295)
Khaled Kelany
Majid Khabbazian
Zawar Khan
Erfan Khorram
Junyan Li
Kin Fun Li 250-721-8683 (campus local: 8683)
Yue Li
Zane Li
Zirui Li
Tao Lu 250-721-8617 (campus local: 8617)
Wu-Sheng Lu 250-721-8692 (campus local: 8692)
Ash Luft
Andrew MacLean
Bharath Madela
Mahmoud Mahmoud
Dan Mai
Babak Manouchehrinia
Tunai Marques
Samuel Mathew
Michael McGuire 250-721-8684 (campus local: 8684)
Jonaki Medda
Amir Mehrafsa 778-677-2060
Rishi Mehta
Ember Millott
Belaid Moa 250-472-4803 (campus local: 4803)
Parisa Moghaddam
Shahram Moradi
Jake Morris
Hajer Mustafa 250-472-5487 (campus local: 5487)
Mehrab Najafian
Stephen Neville 250-721-6017 (campus local: 6017)
Liam Nguyen
Zahra Nikdel
Ilnaz Nikseresht
Sainath Padala
Christo Papadopoulos 250-721-8619 (campus local: 8619)
Darshika G Perera
Navneet Popli
Sanduni Premaratne
Daler Rakhmatov 250-472-5214 (campus local: 5214)
Praneydeep Rastogi
Harsh Rathod
Hari Reddy
Xiangyu Ren
Alireza Rezvanifar
Negin Saatchi
Krunal Sachdev
Mohammadali Saffari
Najme Sahami
Makhsud Saidaminov
Sara Salem Hesari
Fattah Saqib
Fatemeh Seifishahpar
Mirali Seyed Shariatdoust
Alireza Seyfollahi
Mehdi Shammasi
zohreh Sharifi
Dale Shpak
Sana Shuja
Carmen Sima
Mihai Sima 250-721-8680 (campus local: 8680)
Brent Sirna 250-721-8669 (campus local: 8669)
Levi Smith
Poman So 250-472-4224 (campus local: 4224)
Parastoo Soleimani
Jeff Stacey
Amy Sun
Abdul Aleem Syed
S Gokhun Tanyer
Ilamparithi Thirumarai Chelvan 250-721-8679 (campus local: 8679)
Tom Tiedje 250-721-8448 (campus local: 8448)
Bernie Till
Issa Traore 250-721-8697 (campus local: 8697)
Elmira Vafay Eslahi
Anusha Venkataraman
Branden Voss
Ning Wang
Isaac Woungang
Alan Wu
Fang Xu
Hong-Chuan Yang 250-721-8672 (campus local: 8672)
Pu Yang
Waleed Yousef
Sahra Zangeneh nezhad
Jinlong Zhan
Hao Zhang
Jeremy Zhang
Jinye Zhang
Linlin Zhang
Lei Zhao
Jun Zhu
Yizhou Zhu

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