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Faculty of Education (EDUC)

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Faculty of Education
University of Victoria
Maclaurin Building A243
Faculty of Education
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Faculty of Education
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Office of the Dean

Dean Ralf St. Clair 250-721-7757 MAC A243
Assistant to the Dean Lee Anne Smith
Director, Administration Wendy Seager 250-721-7863 MAC A245
Acting Associate Dean Graduate Programs and Research Paul Whitinui 250-472-5870 MCK 188
Associate Dean Graduate Programs and Research Catherine McGregor 250-721-7757 MAC A243b
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs James Nahachewsky 250-721-6570 MAC A247
Assistant to the Associate Deans Susan Chambers 250-721-6570 MAC A247
Community Relations Coordinator Cortney Baldwin
Development Officer Tina Belcourt 250-853-3503 MAC A356
Digital Media Officer Vacant
Education Computer Lab Coordinator Perry Plewes 250-360-6660 MAC A321
Faculty Grants Facilitator Tanya Battersby 250-853-3954 MAC A363

Faculty of Education Advising Office

Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education Director Jean-Paul Restoule 250-721-7826 MAC A260
Indigenous Education Assistant to the Director Christine Webster 250-721-8389 MAC A263
Acting Indigenous Education Program Programs Coordinator Deanna Nicolson 250-721-7855 MAC A266
Indigenous Education Program Coordinator Aliki Marinakis 250-721-7855 MAC A241
Indigenous Education Assistant Professor Carmen Rodriguez de France 250-721-8633 MAC A270
Indigenous Education Associate Professor Onowa McIvor 250-853-3150 MAC A354
Indigenous Resurgence Coordinator Shauneen Pete 250-721-6131 MAC A269
Indigenous Education, Assistant to the Chair Pam Bevan 250-721-7826 MAC A260

Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Abdulrahman Abuelazm
Cortney Baldwin
Tanya Battersby 250-853-3954 (campus local: 3954)
Tina Belcourt 250-853-3503 (campus local: 3503)
Nicki Benson
Michelle Butterfield
Marion Caldecott
Susan Chambers 250-721-6570 (campus local: 6570)
Santosh Clarke
Chloe Cookson
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins 250-721-6180 (campus local: 6180)
Belinda Daniels 250-721-7550 (campus local: 7550)
Sylvie De Grandpre
Jacqueline Dormer
Jane Drengson 250-721-7877 (campus local: 7877)
Phil Duchene 472-425-3
Kari Duffy
Karen Efford 250-721-6688 (campus local: 6688)
John Elliott
Maureen Farish
Oyebisi Fawole
Catherine Fillis
Victor Glickman
Orrin Hawke
Kanentokon Hemlock
Christopher Horsethief
Allison Kostiuk
Tanya Manning-Lewis
Angela Marston
James Nahachewsky 250-721-6570 (campus local: 6570)
Angela Nardozi
Diana Nicholson 250-721-7829 (campus local: 7829)
Corissa Pasiechnyk
Michelle Paterson
Perry Plewes 250-360-6660
Stephanie Roberts
Carmen Rodriguez de France 250-721-8633 (campus local: 8633)
chuutsqa Rorick
Renee Sampson
Wendy Seager 250-721-7863 (campus local: 7863)
Joe Seward
Karen Smith 250-919-9599
Lee Anne Smith
Ralf St. Clair 250-721-7757 (campus local: 7757)
Paulina Stankovski
Sally Struthers
David Underwood
Paul Whitinui 250-472-5870 (campus local: 5870)

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