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Department of Economics (ECON)

Department of Economics
University of Victoria
Business & Economics Building 360
Department of Economics
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Economics
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Reception Janine O'Neill 250-472-4410 BEC 360
Assistant to the Chair Bethany Truman 250-721-8532 BEC 360
Graduate Program Assistant Laleh Mousavi 250-472-4409 BEC 360
Administrative Officer Charlene Toews 250-721-6197 BEC 360b
Chair Daniel Rondeau 250-721-8531 BEC 360
Associate Chair Elisabeth Gugl 250-721-8538 BEC 384
Undergraduate Advisor Elisabeth Gugl 250-721-8538 BEC 384
Graduate Advisor Pascal Courty 250-721-8544 BEC 340
Senior Lab Instructor Nicholas Karlson 250-721-8548 BEC 322
Senior Lab Instructor Brooklynn Trimble
Co-op Coordinator Jennie Nilsson 250-721-8969
Co-op Secretary Linda Marley 250-721-8689 DTB A204
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Sazia Afrin
Bijan Ahmadi
Moein Amini
Chris Auld 250-721-8537 (campus local: 8537)
Jen Baggs 250-472-4617 (campus local: 4617)
Fabiha Binte Farooq
Huimin Cai
Alan Chaffe
Chris Chen
Judith Anne Clarke 250-721-8542 (campus local: 8542)
Pascal Courty 250-721-8544 (campus local: 8544)
Marco Cozzi 250-721-6535 (campus local: 6535)
Michael Di
Alexander Dow 250-381-2444
Sheila Dow
Merwan H. Engineer 250-721-8536 (campus local: 8536)
Sara Enns
Martin Farnham 250-472-4422 (campus local: 4422)
Donna Feir 250-721-8533 (campus local: 8533)
Rob Gillezeau 250-472-5948 (campus local: 5948)
Elisabeth Gugl 250-721-8538 (campus local: 8538)
Zijian Hao
Charles Harley
Jill Horwitz
Stephen Hume 250-472-4424 (campus local: 4424)
Emma Hutchinson 250-472-4412 (campus local: 4412)
A T M Hasibul Islam
John Janmaat
Betty Johnson 250-721-8547 (campus local: 8547)
Maggie Jones 250-880-5225
Harini Kapali
Nicholas Karlson
Peter Kennedy 250-721-8530 (campus local: 8530)
Kiana Kia
Alok Kumar 250-721-8543 (campus local: 8543)
Nick Liang
Bo Liu
Kehan Liu
Sheri Liu
Rich Martin
Alan Mehlenbacher
Andrea Mellor
Laleh Mousavi
Janine O'Neill
Shannon Pendergast
Felix Pretis
Mizan Rahman
Daniel Rondeau 250-472-4423 (campus local: 4423)
Nilanjana Roy 250-853-3938 (campus local: 3938)
Alyssa Russell
Leila Salarpour Goodarzi
Omar Saleh
Herbert Schuetze 250-721-8541 (campus local: 8541)
Paul Schure 250-721-8535 (campus local: 8535)
David Scoones 250-721-6198 (campus local: 6198)
Eldar Sehic
Soheil Shaeri
Ali Shakerdargah
Jidny Shoummo
Bradley Stennes
Kenneth Stewart 250-721-8534 (campus local: 8534)
Lili Sun
Joel Tamosiunas
Charlene Toews 250-721-6197 (campus local: 6197)
Brooklynn Trimble
Bethany Truman
G. Cornelis van Kooten 250-721-8539 (campus local: 8539)
Graham Voss 250-216-0994
Linda Voss 250-514-1599
Linda Welling 250-721-8546 (campus local: 8546)
Christopher Willmore 250-507-6570
Ke Xu 250-721-6484 (campus local: 6484)
Mengxia Yu
Dennis Zagermann
Fengyi Zhang
Lijun Zhang 250-721-6483 (campus local: 6483)
Xiaojing Zhang

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