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School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOSC)

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
Bob Wright Centre A405
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 Station CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-6120 BWC A405
Director Jay Cullen 250-472-5133 BWC A405
Administrative Officer CJ Smith 250-721-6184 BWC A405
Department Secretary Catherine Duncan 250-472-5133 BWC A405
Graduate Advisor Roberta Hamme 250-472-4014 BWC A405
Undergraduate Advisor Jon Husson 250-472-5570 BWC A425
Honours (Undergrad) Advisor Lucinda Leonard 240-472-4482 BWC A315
Ocean Science (Undergrad) Mentor Jody Klymak 250-472-4014 BWC A417
Senior Lab Coordinator (EOS 120, 205, 330) Duncan Johannessen 250-721-7352 BWC B113
Senior Lab Coordinator (200-400) Siobhan McGoldrick 250-472-4020 BWC B109
Senior Lab Coordinator (Oceans & Geochemistry) Casey Brant 250-721-8918 BWC B111
Scientific Assistant (SLI for EOS 110) Ed Wiebe 250-472-4002 BWC B125
Geochem Lab Manager Jody Spence 250-472-4188 BWC B423b
Co-op Coordinator Brian Tucker 250-721-8649 BWC A241
Co-op Assistant Co-op Assistants 250-721-6122 BWC A243
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Anne-Sofie Ahm
Victoria Arbour
Dante Canil 250-472-4180 (campus local: 4180)
John Cassidy
James Christian 778-677-6413
Laurence Coogan 250-472-4018 (campus local: 4018)
Jay Cullen 472-435-3
Charles Curry 250-721-7277 (campus local: 7277)
Riddhi Dave
Russell Deitrick
Stan Dosso 250-472-5133 (campus local: 5133)
John Dower 250-472-5403 (campus local: 5403)
Catherine Duncan
Blake Dyer
Jake Eager-Nash
Michael Eby 250-853-3786 (campus local: 3786)
Theron Finley
Michael Foreman
Andy Fraass
Louise Gall
Nathan Gillett
Tom Gleeson 250-885-4721
Colin Goldblatt
Antoine Haddon
William Halliday 250-589-1579
Roberta Hamme 250-472-4014 (campus local: 4014)
Guoqi Han
Alex Hare 613-804-7081
Cierra Hart
Tiegan Hobbs
Paul Hoffman
Julia Horne
Jon Husson
Roy Hyndman 250-363-6428
Debby Ianson 250-472-4017 (campus local: 4017)
Danny Irwin
Tom James
Yan Jiang
Ruohong Jiao
Duncan Johannessen 250-721-7352 (campus local: 7352)
Stephen Johnston
Honn Kao
Jody Klymak 250-472-5969 (campus local: 5969)
Tania Lado Insua
David Lefebure 250-221-0353
Lucinda Leonard 250-472-4482 (campus local: 4482)
Siobhan McGoldrick
Joe Melton
William Merryfield
Adam Monahan 250-472-5075 (campus local: 5075)
Kate Moran 250-472-5350 (campus local: 5350)
Kristin Morell 250-472-4182 (campus local: 4182)
Rebecca Morris
Taryn Neligan
Edwin Nissen 250-472-4340 (campus local: 4340)
Sofie Ohrling
Tom Pedersen 250-880-7904
Vera Pospelova
Bethany Robson
Tetjana Ross
Stephen Rowins
Oleg Saenko
Guy Salomon
Andrew Schaeffer
Martin Scherwath 250-721-6309 (campus local: 6309)
John Scinocca 250-480-4967
Christian Seiler
Israporn Sethanant
Michael Sigmond
George Simandl
CJ Smith 250-721-6184 (campus local: 6184)
Reinel Sospedra Alfonso
George Spence
Jody Spence 250-472-4188 (campus local: 4188)
Geoff Stanley
Nadja Steiner
Catherine Stevens
Tianhaozhe Sun
Neil Swart
Verena Tunnicliffe 250-721-7135 (campus local: 7135)
Svein Vagle
Diana Varela 250-472-5425 (campus local: 5425)
Knut von Salzen
Kelin Wang 250-813-0589
Andrew Weaver
Mike Wei
Lynn Wharram
Edward Wiebe
Hidekatsu Yamazaki
Aidan Young