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Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EDCD)

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Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Victoria
Maclaurin Building A541
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
3800 Finnerty Road
Ring Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Department Office, General Enquiries 250-721-7808 MAC A541
Administrative Assistant Carole Richter 250-721-7808 MAC A541
Chair Todd Milford 250-721-7886 MAC A547
Assistant to the Chair Christie McAlister 250-721-7886 MAC A547
Administrative Officer Maureen Spizawka 250-721-7807 MAC A545
Graduate Secretary Fariba Ardestani 250-721-7882 MAC A541

Field Experience Office

Manager, Teacher Education Kerry Robertson 250-721-7870 MAC A548
Assistant to Teacher Education Manager Patricia Dziekan 250-721-7870 MAC A548
Program Coordinator, Field Experience Dana Bell 250-721-7870 MAC A551
Responsable de projet | French Education Project Manager Madeleine Challies 250-721-7870 MAC A553
Program Coordinator, Field Experience Amy Machin 250-721-7870 MAC A551

Resource Rooms

Math Education and Science Education Resource Room Assistant Adele Fraser MAC D117
Art Education Facility and Production Manager Caren Willms 250-721-6638 MAC A194
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Meaghan Abra
Kathy Alexander
Tim Anderson 250-472-4290 (campus local: 4290)
Fariba Ardestani 250-721-7882 (campus local: 7882)
Sandra Arnold
Allison Balabuch
Ann Baty
Dana Bell 250-721-7870 (campus local: 7870)
Claire Burgoyne
Lisa Burrows
Madeleine Challies 250-721-7870 (campus local: 7870)
Amy Clausen
Margo Cullenmusselwhite
Amanda Culver
Kirsten Dibblee
Dani Dilkes
Phil Duchene 778-977-1066
Patrick Duncan
Patricia Dziekan
Karen Erler
Barb Fielder
Jerome Foenander
Faraz Forghan Parast
Leslee Francis Pelton 250-721-7794 (campus local: 7794)
Adele Fraser
Hong Fu
Linda Funk
Julie Gagne
Emily Geen
Erika Germanos 250-721-7775 (campus local: 7775)
Mary Gibbons
Jaqueline Gillespie
Lisa Green
Denneisha Griffin
Kindra Harte 250-514-0455
Lyndze Harvey
Rachel Hellner
Karen Hibbard
Thiago Hinkel
Moira Hood
Wanda Hurren 250-472-4246 (campus local: 4246)
Valerie Irvine 250-721-7778 (campus local: 7778)
Scott Jantzen
Barry Janzen
Read Jorgensen
Sandra Jost
Hyo Jung Jung
Bruce Kuklinski
Rosemary Laing
Natalie LeBlanc 250-721-7895 (campus local: 7895)
Meredith Lemon
Barbara Leyne
Cindy Lister
Darlene Loland
Mary Loria
Deborah Luporini
Amy Machin 250-721-7870 (campus local: 7870)
Carole Mackenzie
Barbara Martin
Ellen Martin
Leah Mazzocchi
Christie McAlister 250-721-7886 (campus local: 7886)
Graham McDonough 250-721-7779 (campus local: 7779)
Todd Milford 250-721-7886 (campus local: 7886)
Devi Mucina 250-721-8098 (campus local: 8098)
Rick Mulholland
Tara Nicholson
Gerard O'Leary
Yossra Othman
Sylvia Pantaleo 250-721-7845 (campus local: 7845)
Michael Paskevicius 250-721-7770 (campus local: 7770)
Trudy Pauluth-Penner
Wendy Payne
Tim Pelton 250-721-7803 (campus local: 7803)
Monica Prendergast 250-472-4045 (campus local: 4045)
Anita Prest 250-472-4374 (campus local: 4374)
Philippe Provencher 250-721-8511 (campus local: 8511)
Regan Rasmussen
Andrew Reddekop
Natasha Reid 250-721-7896 (campus local: 7896)
Jean Reston
Guillaume Richards
Carole Richter 250-721-7808 (campus local: 7808)
Ted Riecken 250-721-7787 (campus local: 7787)
Kerry Robertson 250-721-7870 (campus local: 7870)
Kathy Sanford 250-721-7804 (campus local: 7804)
Gillian Saunders 250-472-5662 (campus local: 5662)
Kathleen Schmalz
Jessica Sedgwick - Pires
Andrea Sharpe
Alison Shields
Maryam Shirdel Pour
Kathryn Sihota
Maureen Spizawka 250-721-7807 (campus local: 7807)
Ralf St. Clair
Erin Stinson
Roz Stooke
Meaghan Storey
Jodi Streelasky 250-721-6450 (campus local: 6450)
Shruti Tandon
Rob Taylor
Jennifer Thom 250-721-7774 (campus local: 7774)
Zarya Thomas
Ruthanne Tobin 250-721-7785 (campus local: 7785)
Hector Vazquez Cordoba
Mary Vincent
Kathy Vossen
Mary Watt
Janine Webster
Matthew Webster
Michelle Wiebe 250-721-7894 (campus local: 7894)
Yvonne Williams 250-444-9796
Caren Willms 250-721-6638 (campus local: 6638)