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Department of Computer Science (COSI)

Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria
Engineering Computer Science Building 504
Department of Computer Science
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Computer Science
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Receptionist/Program Support Vacant 250-472-5700 ECS 504
Financial Secretary Nancy M. Chan 250-472-5701 ECS 504
FAX 250-472-5708
A/Chair Margaret-Anne Storey 250-472-5704 ECS 504a
Department Secretary and Assistant to the Chair Olivia Atwal 250-472-5704 ECS 504
Undergraduate Studies Program Coordinator Rich Little 250-472-5752 ECS 516
Experiential Learning Coordinator Bill Bird 250-472-5833 ECS 632
Undergraduate Advising Officer Irene Statham 250-472-5757 ECS 512
Administrative Officer Erin Robinson 250-472-5854 ECS 514
Graduate Advisor Kui Wu 250-472-5766 ECS 522
Graduate Secretary Wendy Beggs 250-472-5703 ECS 504
Senior Lab Instructor Victoria Li 250-472-5834 ECS 320
Senior Lab Instructor Nirav Galani 250-472-5853 ECS 322
Senior Lab Instructor David Clark 250-472-5894 ECS 324
Assistance Centre ECS 251
Senior Systems Administrator Tomas Bednar 250-472-5898 ECS 462
Senior Programmer Analyst Vacant
Senior Software Developer Simon Di 250-472-5795 ECS 455
Programmer Analyst Kathryn Thom 250-472-5896 ECS 460
Programmer Consultant Vacant
Electronics Technician Vacant ECS 449
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Olivia Atwal
Amir Baharloo
Ian Barrodale
Tomas Bednar 250-472-5898 (campus local: 5898)
Wendy Beggs 250-472-5703 (campus local: 5703)
Celina Berg 250-472-4818 (campus local: 4818)
Yifeng Bie
Md. Navid Bin Anwar
Bill Bird 250-472-5833 (campus local: 5833)
Jonas Buro
Nancy M. Chan 250-472-5701 (campus local: 5701)
Dominique Charlebois
Todd Charter
Sachin Chaudhary
Sean Chester 250-472-5721 (campus local: 5721)
David Clark
Yvonne Coady 250-472-5715 (campus local: 5715)
Ana Constantinescu
Koshiar Dabbagh
Daniela Damian 250-472-5788 (campus local: 5788)
Kezia Devathasan
Simon Di 250-472-5795 (campus local: 5795)
Neil Ernst 250-472-5746 (campus local: 5746)
Anthony Estey 250-472-5841 (campus local: 5841)
Ralph Evins
Kazi Tabassum Ferdous
Noah Fruttarol
Nirav Galani
Daniel German 250-472-5790 (campus local: 5790)
Sina Ghaffari
Assef Ghamisi
Mazyar Ghezelji
Niloofar Gilani Larimi
Marta Guarna 604-222-3046
Shishir Halaharvi
Jaylan Hamad
Brandon Haworth 250-472-5772 (campus local: 5772)
Kira Hodge
Maia Hoeberechts 250-721-8296 (campus local: 8296)
Fatemeh Hoseini
Amiryousef Hosseini Goki
Alyssa Howard
Kevin Hsu
Zhiming Huang
Mohammad Shakirul Islam
Nafiseh Izadyar
Hosna Jabbari 250-472-5760 (campus local: 5760)
LillAnne Jackson 250-721-8941 (campus local: 8941)
Derek Jacoby
Zahra Javar
Kim Ji
Adeline Jordon
Saasha Joshi
Victor Kamel
Chinmay Kapoor
Upasana Kapoor
Bruce Kapron 250-472-5725 (campus local: 5725)
Sarina Kashanj
Jason Kepler
Mahya Khazaei
Majid Khorashadizadeh
Valerie King 250-472-5727 (campus local: 5727)
Sajin Koroth 604-704-3901
Hannah Koughan
Joe Krysl
Sabrina Lakhdhir
Enrique Larios Vargas
Maybins Lengwe
Leevon Levasseur
Ling Li 250-472-5834 (campus local: 5834)
Peirong Li
Zane Li
Junhao Lin
Rich Little 250-472-5752 (campus local: 5752)
Kaiyang Liu
Yifeng Liu
Yun Lu
Sai Chandra Madduri
Navid Mahdian
Nadia Mallay
Colin Malloy
Hamid Mansoor
Emily Martins
Rick McGeer
Madeleine McPherson
Nishant Mehta 250-472-5798 (campus local: 5798)
Masoud Mokhtari
Ali Mortazavi
Azadeh Mousavi
Shuja Mughal
Hausi Muller 250-472-5719 (campus local: 5719)
Adam Murray
Miguel Nacenta 250-472-5330 (campus local: 5330)
Mehrab Najafian
Andrea Nguyen
Samantha Norrie
Ibrahim Numanagic 250-472-5049 (campus local: 5049)
Jose Ossorio
Jianping Pan 250-472-5796 (campus local: 5796)
Kunal Parikh
Kun Peng
Amy Penney
Charles Perin
Cassandra Petrachenko 250-472-5260 (campus local: 5260)
Navneet Popli
Morgan Price
Megan Rees
Allan Rempel
Alejandro Rico Espinosa
Erin Robinson 250-472-5854 (campus local: 5854)
Fatima Salehnejad Amri
Fares Salem
Koosha Samieefar
Dibya Prokash Sarkar
Narges Sayah Dehkordi
Andrew Schloss 250-721-7931 (campus local: 7931)
Teseo Schneider
Sofia Scholefield
Fatemeh Seifishahpar
Femina Senjaliya
Amir Sepahi
Prerak Shah
Shadan Shameli Derakhshan
Michael Shepherd
Logan Shinde
Ardeshir Shojaeinasab
Shirley Shu
Michael Simpson
Gulshanpreet Singh
Parastoo Soleimani
Sowmya Somanath 250-472-5794 (campus local: 5794)
Yura Song
Priya Srinivasan
Venkatesh Srinivasan 250-472-5731 (campus local: 5731)
Irene Statham
Ulrike Stege 250-472-5729 (campus local: 5729)
Margaret-Anne Storey 250-472-5713 (campus local: 5713)
Gabriel Tamura
Madeline Tennier
Kathryn Thom 250-472-5896 (campus local: 5896)
Alex Thomo 250-472-5786 (campus local: 5786)
Finn Tobin
Luke Trinity
Isabella Tsui
George Tzanetakis 250-472-5711 (campus local: 5711)
Norha Villegas Machado
Qian Wang
Xiyao Wang
Johnathan Warawa
Jens Weber 250-721-8797 (campus local: 8797)
Sue Whitesides 250-472-5730 (campus local: 5730)
Kui Wu 250-472-5766 (campus local: 5766)
Brian Wyvill 250-472-5760 (campus local: 5760)
Kwang Moo Yi 250-472-5837 (campus local: 5837)
Quinton Yong
Michael Zastre 250-472-5771 (campus local: 5771)
Jinwei Zhao
Yichun Zhao
Zheng'an Zhao

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