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Department of Chemistry (CHEM)

Department of Chemistry
University of Victoria
Elliott Building Elliott 301
Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Victoria
PO Box 3065 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Acting Chair Alex Brolo ELL 303
Department Secretary Sandra Carlson ELL 302
Administrative Officer Cathy Stacey ELL 304
Graduate Secretary Erin Hodgson ELL 301
Undergrad Registration Inquiries
Receptionist Hiromi Kurata ELL 301
Co-op Coordinator Arkady Futerman 250-721-7713 ELL 118
Chemistry Co-op Secretary Kandie Husband 250-721-6122 ELL 119
Laboratory Supervisor Dave Berry 250-721-7170 ELL 334e
Glass Shop Sean Adams 250-721-7203 ELL 020
Electronics Shop, Supervisor Mark Evans ELL 240
Electronics Shop Shubha Hosalli ELL 236
FAX 250-721-7147
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Emma Abbey
Sean Adams 250-721-7203 (campus local: 7203)
Archita Adluri
Victor Aiyejuro
Md Shafiul AZAM
Arash Azarakhshi
Alana Babcock
Aman Bains
Christopher Barr 721-719-9
Joseph Becica
David Berg 250-721-7161 (campus local: 7161)
Dave Berry 250-721-7170 (campus local: 7170)
Cornelia Bohne 250-721-7151 (campus local: 7151)
Genevieve Boice
Alexandre Brolo 250-721-7167 (campus local: 7167)
Heather Buckley 250-472-5879 (campus local: 5879)
Piotr Burek
Neil Burford
Austin Burman
Charles Cai
Sandra Carlson 250-721-7150 (campus local: 7150)
Ian Chagunda
Erin Chernick
Ugur Dagli
Kossivi Denanyoh
Emma Dennis
Kushal Dhake
Sofia Donnecke
Katherine Elvira 250-721-7165 (campus local: 7165)
Mark Evans 250-721-7115 (campus local: 7115)
Kelli Fawkes 250-472-5212 (campus local: 5212)
Adriaan Frencken
Tom Fyles 250-721-7152 (campus local: 7152)
Leah Gajecki
Diego Garcia Hernandez
Greg Gaube
Christopher Gill
Ben Godwin
Ori Granot 250-721-7183 (campus local: 7183)
Bruno Guilherme da Fonseca
Coreen Hamilton
David Harrington 250-721-7166 (campus local: 7166)
Tanis Harrison
Brett Henderson
Robin Hicks 250-721-7062 (campus local: 7062)
Erin Hodgson
Fraser Hof 250-721-7193 (campus local: 7193)
Rebecca Hof
Erica Hong
Dennis Hore 250-721-7168 (campus local: 7168)
Shubha Hosalli
Jingjun Huang
Violeta Iosub
Tasha Jarisz
Anuj Joshi
Yuetong Kang
Oren Katz
Sun Kly
Stanislav Konorov
Jaime Korner
Erik Krogh
Soumya Kundu
Hiromi Kurata 250-721-7152 (campus local: 7152)
Etienne LaPierre
David Leitch
Tong Li
Yu-De Lin
Irene Lopez-Bago Cid
Jingru Lu
Charles Lucy
Liam MacFarlane
Shaun MacLean
Arunava Maity
Deborah Manners
Ian Manners
Peter Marrs 250-721-7172 (campus local: 7172)
Scott McIndoe 250-721-7181 (campus local: 7181)
Desiree Mitchell
Matt Moffitt 250-721-7162 (campus local: 7162)
Vanessa Muir
Ayesha Nadeem
Luis Netter
Jessy Oake
Isaac Omari
Irina Paci 250-472-4946 (campus local: 4946)
Hayley Parkin
Nahiane Pipaon Fernandez
Abdelhakim Qbaich
Kaitlyn Ramsay
Jennalee Ramserran
Monica Reimer 250-721-7194 (campus local: 7194)
Nicholas Richard
Lisa Rosenberg 250-721-7173 (campus local: 7173)
Aroop Roy
Michelle Ruhigisha
Makhsud Saidaminov
Allison Selinger
Mehraveh Seyedalikhani
Huda Shaikh
Alok Shaurya
Hamid Shayestehmanesh
Cathy Stacey 250-721-7153 (campus local: 7153)
Steven Street
Natalie Stubb
Kevin Taylor
Tanner Thiessen
Sapan Thind
Gilian Thomas
Pearl Thompson
Deepak Thrithamarassery Gangadharan
Jia Tian
Grace Tieman
Minh Hai Tran
Tyler Trefz
Chris Tremblay
Ariadne Tuckmantel Bido
Connor Twa
Thea van Roode
Frank van Veggel
Marcus Vespa
Peter Wan 250-721-8976 (campus local: 8976)
Alivia Wang
Lily Wang 250-508-9480
Zoey Warmerdam
Michael Watson
Matthew Wiebe
Chelsea Wilson
Alex Wlasenko
Jeremy Wulff 250-721-7179 (campus local: 7179)
Sean Yang
Zhigang Yao
Harrison Young
Yifan Zhang
Chuanqi Zhao
Harmen Zijlstra

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