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Bookstore (BOOK)

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University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
University of Victoria Bookstore
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
PO Box 2200, Stn CSC
3800 Finnerty Rd
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office/Information 250-721-8311
Toll-free Telephone 877-721-8290
Accounts AP & Sponsored Student Information Graham McFarlane 250-472-4592 CSR 208
Accounts AP Clerk Tonya Mitchell 250-721-8319 CSR 208
Accounts Receivable & Cash Office Fiona Statham 250-721-8340 CSR 204
FAX 250-721-8553
Manager Katharine Wright 250-721-8324 CSR 202
Manager, Merchandise Jenni Giebel 250-472-4591 CSR 108B
Asst Manager, Merchandise Lorraine Hamilton 250-721-8309 CSR 108
Manager, Finance Leanne Kent 250-721-8314 CSR 203
Marketing & Events Coordinator Karen Evans 250-721-8318 CSR 209
Web Developer Matt Belford 250-721-8551 CSR 201
Web Developer Kevin Ahl 250-721-8551 CSR 201


Course Materials Manager David Kirby 250-721-8312 CSR 020A
Assistant Buyer Tobi Carlson 250-472-4837 CSR 020B
Assistant Buyer Frency Kim 250-721-8316 CSR 020B
Textbook Ordering Desk
Textbook Information & Returns Specialist Annamay Campbell 250-721-8552 CSR 020B
Coursepack Coordinator
FAX 250-472-4586

Trade Books & Stationery

Tradebook Buyer & Special Orders Lucy Bashford 250-721-8315 CSR 102
Stationery Buyer Jennifer Mason 250-721-6692 CSR 102
FAX 250-472-4587

Clothing & Gifts

Clothing & Merchandise Buyer Jenni Giebel 250-472-4591 CSR 108B
Asst Merchandise Buyer & Custom Orders Lorraine Hamilton 250-721-8309 CSR 108
Clothing & Merchandise Clerk Erin Hodgson 250-721-8740 CSR 108
Information & Merchandise Display Rose Carere 250-721-8740 CSR 108
FAX 250-472-4596

Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing Officer Jenni Giebel 250-472-4591 CSR 108B
Trademark Licensing Officer Lorraine Hamilton 250-721-8309 CSR 108

UVIC Starbucks

Starbucks Supervisor Angela Urquhart 250-721-6344 CSR 050
Starbucks Team Lead Michael Ryan 250-472-4594 CSR 050
Starbucks Team Lead Taylor Cameron 250-472-4594 CSR 050
Starbucks Info 250-472-4594

Convocation & Regalia Rental

Convocation Regalia Sullivan Mair

Computer Store

Information 250-721-8321 CSR 106
Clerk Kennedy Nielsen 250-721-7643 CSR 106
Clerk Sadie Johansen 250-721-8321 CSR 106


Warehouse Supervisor Blake Polischuk 250-721-8335 CSR 040
Information 250-721-8317
Online Information Christophe Poirier 250-721-8744 CSR 016
Distance Learning & Online Lily Ng 250-721-8337 CSR 022
FAX 250-472-4588

UVic Printing Services

Manager Sean Guldin 250-721-8302 SAA 120a
General Office/Clerk Christopher Lora 250-721-8301 SAA 120
Blink Print Wide Format Greg Williams 250-472-4590 CSR 018
Blink Print Wide Format Rebecca Jamin 250-472-4590 CSR 018
FAX 250-721-6226
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Lucy Bashford 250-721-8315 (campus local: 8315)
Matt Belford
Taylor Berube
Jennifer Bloomfield
Madi Bray
Meaghan Brown
Mikhail Busch
Taylor Cameron
Annamay Campbell
Tobi Carlson 250-472-4837 (campus local: 4837)
Joanna Chen
Ipek Cukurova
Petranella Daviel
Aimee Draper
Jemma Eason
Karen Evans
Allison Farrell
Jim Forbes 250-721-8310 (campus local: 8310)
Dina Gashi
Jenni Giebel 250-472-4591 (campus local: 4591)
Lorraine Hamilton 250-721-8309 (campus local: 8309)
Rhiannon Harding
Erin Hodgson
Rebecca Jamin 250-472-4590 (campus local: 4590)
Sadie Johansen
Leanne Kent 250-721-8314 (campus local: 8314)
Frency Kim 250-721-8316 (campus local: 8316)
David Kirby
Laura Kittar
Ashley Kutyn
Jacqueline LaPlante
Vivi Le
Donna Lowe
Sullivan Mair
Jennifer Mason 250-721-6692 (campus local: 6692)
Kim McAdams
Graham McFarlane 250-472-4592 (campus local: 4592)
Sarah McKinnon
Doreen McManaman
Tonya Mitchell
Jenna Moore
Lily Ng 250-721-8337 (campus local: 8337)
Erin Nie
Kennedy Nielsen
Brianna Perry
Christophe Poirier 250-721-8744 (campus local: 8744)
Blake Polischuk 250-721-8335 (campus local: 8335)
Gurinder Purewal
Julia Reyes
Jakob Rimmer
Emma Ronayne
Emmy Smith
Shirley Sommer
Fiona Statham 250-721-8340 (campus local: 8340)
Ross Sutherland
Angela Urquhart 250-472-4594 (campus local: 4594)
Giuliano Verdicchio
Fiona Wheeler
Juliana Wong
Olivia Wong 250-721-8311 (campus local: 8311)
Katharine Wright 250-721.8324 (campus local: .8324)
Morgan Zolob

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