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Department of Accounting (ACCT)

Department of Accounting
University of Victoria
Michael Williams Building B115
Department of Accounting
3800 Finnerty Road (Adjacent to Parking Lot 4)
Victoria, BC
Department of Accounting
University of Victoria
PO Box 3040
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Executive Director, Financial Services Janice Johnson 250-721-7028 MWB B129
Project Officer, Financial Services Holly Hatch 250-721-7029 MWB B127
Business Analyst Anisa Montgomery 250-472-4515 MWB B115
Business Analyst Kaye Moser 250-472-4655 MWB B115
250-472-4525 MWB B115
Payroll Enquiries (from employees) 250-721-7034 MWB B133


Director, Payroll David Wolowicz 250-721-7036 MWB B133a
Supervisor Kim Williams 250-721-8091 MWB B133
Business Analyst - Payroll Alicia McKinnon 250-721-8096 MWB B133
Appointments Tania Oka 250-853-3250 MWB B133
Appointments Samin Modon Haghighi 250-721-6642 MWB B133
Appointments Mikki De Medeiros 250-472-4782 MWB B133
Appointments Jerry McFarland 250-721-8087 MWB B133
Appointments 250-472-5964 MWB B115
Payroll Accounting Phyllis Heacock 250-853-3797 MWB B133


Director, Purchasing Services Xavier Serrano 250-721-8330 SAA 110b
Office Administrator Elke Kite 250-472-4351 SAA 110
Senior Procurement Advisor Tom Lam 250-472-5094 SAA 110g
Purchasing Officer Sabrina Su 250-472-4995 SAA 110d
Purchasing Officer Ryan Rutley 250-853-3131 SAA 110h
Buyer Dana England 250-472-5147 SAA 110
Policy Officer Heather Currie 250-472-5149 MWB B115
Buyer Stephanie Johannessen 250-472-4147 SAA 110
Buyer Heidi Loveridge 250-472-4991 SAA 110
Surplus Asset Coordinator Stephen Wylie 250-415-6873 EDC 101
Co-op Student Temi Komolafe 250-721-8329 SAA 110
Co-op Student 250-721-8331 SAA 110


Director, Research Accounting Melissa Joyce 250-472-4157 MWB B131
Assistant Manager, Research Accounting Wendy Graham 250-721-7031 MWB B133
Assistant Manager, Research Accounting Helena Filmer 250-472-5974 MWB B115
CFI Clerk Barbara McKenzie 250-472-4737 MWB B250
CDN Grants Clerk Dora Jessen 250-472-4983 MWB B133
Foreign Grants Clerk Jessica Page 250-472-5398 MWB B133
250-721-7025 MWB B115
Travel Clerk Bo Kolehmainen 250-472-5613 MWB B133
Grants Clerk Colena Graham 250-721-6042 MWB B133
CDN Grants Clerk Aaron Brewer 250-472-5986 MWB B133
Research Business Expense Monitoring Coreen Mason 250-472-5964 MWB B133


Director, Treasury Services Catherine Nightingale 250-721-6174 MWB B115
Assistant Manager, Treasury Services Sharon Kulyk 250-472-5166 MWB B117
Accounts Payable Supervisor Betty Welbourn 250-472-4148 MWB B115
Vendor Payments Jacquie Spencer 250-472-4149 MWB B115
Vendor Payments Donna Maxwell 250-472-4526 MWB 110
Vendor Payments Anna Rutherford MWB B115
Banking Enquiries Mary Kirby 250-721-6173 MWB B115
Banking Enquiries Hanna Sewoya 250-721-6671 MWB B115
Accounts Receivable Enquiries Aura Moyna 250-721-6558 UVC A112
Travel, reimbursements & relocation Joyce Ip 250-721-7038 MWB B115
Travel, reimbursements & relocation Theresa Bourque 250-721-7041 MWB B115
C-card Coordinator Judy MacKinley 250-721-6666 MWB B115
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Sylvia Andre
Theresa Bourque 250-721-7041 (campus local: 7041)
Aaron Brewer
Mikki De Medeiros
Helena Filmer 250-472-5974 (campus local: 5974)
Azenith Garcia
Colena Graham 250-721-6042 (campus local: 6042)
Wendy Graham 250-721-7031 (campus local: 7031)
Alex Hall
Holly Hatch 250-721-7029 (campus local: 7029)
Phyllis Heacock 250-853-3797 (campus local: 3797)
Suzana Hedji 250-721-7025 (campus local: 7025)
Joyce Ip 250-721-7038 (campus local: 7038)
Dora Jessen 250-472-4983 (campus local: 4983)
Janice Johnson 250-721-7028 (campus local: 7028)
Melissa Joyce 250-472-4157 (campus local: 4157)
Mary Kirby 250-721-6173 (campus local: 6173)
Bo Kolehmainen 250-472-5613 (campus local: 5613)
Sharon Kulyk 250-472-5166 (campus local: 5166)
Judy MacKinley 250-721-6666 (campus local: 6666)
Coreen Mason 250-472-5964 (campus local: 5964)
Donna Maxwell 250-472-4526 (campus local: 4526)
Jerry McFarland
Barbara McKenzie 250-472-4737 (campus local: 4737)
Alicia McKinnon 250-721-8096 (campus local: 8096)
Samin Modon Haghighi
Anisa Montgomery 250-472-4515 (campus local: 4515)
Kaye Moser 250-472-4655 (campus local: 4655)
Aura Moyna 250-721-6558 (campus local: 6558)
Hai Lam Nguyen
Catherine Nightingale 250-721-6174 (campus local: 6174)
Tania Oka
Jessica Page 250-472-5398 (campus local: 5398)
Anna Rutherford 250-472-4147 (campus local: 4147)
Hanna Sewoya 250-721-6671 (campus local: 6671)
Jacquie Spencer 250-472-4149 (campus local: 4149)
Magnus Tse
Elizabeth Welbourn 250-472-4148 (campus local: 4148)
Kim Williams 250-721-8091 (campus local: 8091)
David Wolowicz 250-721-7036 (campus local: 7036)
Bonnie Wu
Accounting Department of Accounting
Coastal and Oceans Research Institute for Coastal and Oceans Research
Athletcs&Recreatnl Services Athletics & Recreational Services
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Department of Accounting
Assistant Manager, Research Accounting
Accounting Department of Accounting
Accounting Department of Accounting
Assistant Manager, Research Accounting
Accounting Department of Accounting
Director, Research Accounting
Accounting Department of Accounting
Payroll Accounting
Facilities Management Facilities Management
Accounting Clerk
Ocean Networks Canada Society Ocean Networks Canada Society
Accounting Clerk
Pension Services Pension Services
Pensions Accounting and Entitlement Clerk
Residence Services Residence Services
Accounting Clerk
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
Accounting Technician
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
Manager, Accounting & Payroll
University Food Services University Food Services
Interim Accounting Clerk
University Food Services University Food Services
Accounting Clerk

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