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Peter B. Gustavson School of Business (BUSI)

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria
Business & Economics Building 254
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria
Gustavson School of Business
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Office of the Dean

Dean Saul Klein 250-721-6422 BEC 254
Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning Graham Brown 250-721-6069 BEC 250
Associate Dean, Research Roy Suddaby 250-721-6401 BEC 246
Associate Dean, External Mia Maki 250-472-4513 BEC 222
Director, Business Operations Kevan Gorham 250-472-4280 BEC 254c
Academic Projects Officer Shannon Perdigao 250-721-8077 BEC 254
Finance Officer Erin Kilpatrick 250-721-6110 BEC 254
Assistant to the Dean Sheryl Zornes 250-721-6422 BEC 254
Faculty Support Leslie MacDonald 250-853-3537 BEC 254
Gustavson Reception & Faculty Support Lu Nishida 250-472-4139 BEC 254
FAX 250-721-6613


Accreditation Officer Shari Wierenga 250-721-7182 BEC 254
FAX 250-721-6067

Executive Programs

Director, Executive Programs Administration Charmaine Stack 250-217-1958 HWB 258
Associate Director, Domestic, Executive Programs Radhika Nair 250-472-4138 HWB 252
Associate Director, International and Indigenous, Executive Programs Nicole Wallace 250-721-7039 HWB 245
Executive Programs Account Executive Eddie Isted 250-721-6429 HWB 252
Executive Programs Finance Officer Ying Kracmar 250-721-6382 HWB 212
Summer Graduate Business Studies Program Manager Maggie (Yue) Li
Executive Programs International Recruitment Liaison Jennifer Hope 250-472-4721 HWB 250
Senior Client Service Specialist, International & Indigenous Programs Kirstin Leary 250-472-5180 BEC 433
Client Service Specialist - Domestic Programs Ben Roberts 250-721-8793 HWB 212
Client Service Specialist - International and Indigenous Daryl Hong 250-472-4448 HWB 211
Client Service Specialist - International and Indigenous Jennifer Bresciani 250-472-4448 HWB 248
Senior Clerk Dina Ventura 250-853-3611 HWB 212
Senior Clerk Kimi Evans 250-472-4614 HWB 245
Clerk Zoe Waterlander 250-472-5578 HWB 212

External Relations & Development

Senior Development Officer Amanda Taylor 236-464-1028 BEC 142
Alumni Relations Officer Christine Bobyn 250-721-6411 BEC 142
Events Manager Clare Harris 250-721-8647 BEC 148
Senior Team Lead, Communications and Marketing Sasha Milam 250-721-6630 BEC 138
Web & Marketing Specialist Jon Chabun 250-472-5106 BEC 140
External Relations Coordinator Lindsay Fitterer 250-721-6406 BEC 236
FAX 250-853-3828

Marketing and Recruitment

Recruitment, Admissions, and Advising Officer Daniel Nair 250-472-4170 BEC 283
Recruitment and Education Advisor Andrea Felix de la Rosa 250-853-3749 BEC 289a

Experiential Learning Team

Associate Director Experiential Learning Kali Wilson Cseke 250-853-3750 BEC 113E
Experiential Learning Manager Laurelle Inouye 250-472-4338 BEC 113C
Experiential Learning Officer Marcus Jung 250-472-4728 BEC 113D
Experiential Learning Officer Sophia Seeman 250-661-4712 BEC 113D

Graduate Programs (MBA)

General Office 250-721-6075 BEC 289
MBA Director Cheryl Mitchell 250-472-5653 BEC 246
Acting MBA Programs Director of Administration Sheryl Karras 250-721-6433 BEC 288
MBA Co-op Coordinator and Career Educator Vacant 250-721-6083 BEC 289B
MBA Daytime Program Coordinator Sandy Huang 250-472-5648 BEC 289C
MBA Weekend Program Coordinator Vacant BEC 289C
MBA Secretary Sarah Anderson 250-721-6058 BEC 289
FAX 250-721-7066

Graduate Programs (MGB)

MGB Academic Director Ignace Ng 250-721-6073 BEC 432
Director Administration, Pre-experience Masters Programs Sheryl Karras 250-721-6433 BEC 288
MGB Program Assistant Cecelia Zhang 250-853-3746 BEC 289
MGB Program Liaison Coordinator Zhenchen He 250-721-6075 BEC 289
MGB Secretary Naoko Iida 250-472-4140 BEC 289

Graduate Programs (MM)

MM Director Vivien Corwin 250-472-5714 BEC 260
Director Administration, Pre-experience Masters Programs Sheryl Karras 250-721-6433 BEC 288

Doctoral Programs (PhD)

PhD Director Ravee Chittoor 250-472-5957 BEC 426
PhD Program Manager & Special Projects Wendy Mah 250-721-6060 BEC 266
PhD Secretary Naoko Iida 250-472-4140 BEC 289

Undergraduate Programs (BCom)

General Office 250-472-4728 BEC 283
Academic Director, Undergraduate Programs Jen Baggs 250-472-4617 BEC 248
Director of Administration, Undergraduate Programs Kate Donovan 250-721-6056 BEC 282
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs Audrey Audebert 250-721-6432 BEC 274
Advising Officer, Undergraduate Programs Kelsey Hong 250-721-6416 BEC 286;
Advising Officer, Undergraduate Programs Stefanie Ickert 250-472-5088 BEC 284;
Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs Stacey Gavora 250-472-4488 BEC 283
Program Secretary, Undergraduate Programs Jake Ganzeveld 250-472-4855 BEC 283
Program Assistant, Undergraduate Programs Edward Pang 250-472-4728 BEC 283
FAX 250-721-6457

GSB International

GSB International Director A.R. Elangovan 250-721-6405 BEC 432
GSB International Associate Director Brian Leacock 250-721-6434 BEC 272
GSB International Exchange Student Services and Programs (Interim) Elsa Yan 250-721-6061 BEC 268
GSB International Global Engagement & Business Development Sheri Love 250-472-5107 BEC 278
Immigration Consultant Christina Hernandez 250-853-3748 BEC 280
GSB International Exchange Advisor (Outgoing) Allen Sun 250-472-4506 BEC 270
GSB International Exchange Advisor (Outgoing) Katherine Xu 250-472-5650 BEC 270
International Student Advisor Renata Lutz 250-472-5675 BEC 270
GSB International Assistant VACANT 250-721-6419 BEC 278
FAX 250-721-7066

Business Co-op & Career Office

Acting Associate Director Bernadette Lynch 250-721-6065 BEC 116
Career Educator Chantale Laplante 250-472-4530 BEC 107
Employment Development Officer Robyn Booth 250-472-4449 BEC 114
Career Educator, MBA Andree-Anne Leroy 250-721-6083 BEC 289A
Co-op Coordinator, MGB & MM Marguerite Casey-Wolnicki 250-853-3202 BEC 128
Co-op Coordinator, MGB & MM Jessica Morrow 250-721-6410 BEC 130
Co-op Coordinator Shawn Tripp 250-721-6066 BEC 132
Co-op Coordinator Vanessa Raber 250-721-6059 BEC 126
Co-op Coordinator Alissa Wakeman 250-721-6657 BEC 122
Co-op Placement Coordinator Samantha Toms 250-721-6413 BEC 118
Co-op Placement Coordinator Cathy Burrage 250-721-6496 BEC 120
Co-op Assistant Yumi Morishima 250-721-6054 BEC 112
Co-op & Career Assistant Sarka Polivkova 250-472-4441 BEC 112
Co-op & Career Assistant Dina Dolovac 250-721-6063 BEC 112
Co-op, BCOM VACANT 250-472-4566 BEC 124
FAX 250-721-6605

Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI)

Director Natalie Slawinski 250-721-6113 BEC 212
Associate Director Heather Ranson 250-721-6112 BEC 208
CSSI Coordinator Alex Berthin 250-853-3721 BEC 117F

Victoria Forum

Victoria Forum Manager Annie Buck 250-508-5810

Brand Trust Index

Brand Trust Project Manager Venus Tamturk 250-853-3298

National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development (NCIED)


Entrepreneurship Specialization

Champion Brock Smith 250-721-6070 BEC 232

International Specialization

Champion Wade Danis 250-853-3872 BEC 230


Director Roy Suddaby 250-721-6401 BEC 246

Service Management Specialization

Champion Stephen Tax 250-721-6417 BEC 436


Champion Natalie Slawinski 250-721-6113 BEC 212
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Sarah Anderson
Kevin Andrew
Audrey Audebert 250-721-6432 (campus local: 6432)
Jen Baggs 250-472-4617 (campus local: 4617)
Francois Bastien
Sebastien Beaulieu
Dale Beckman
Nabil Belacel
S. Bender
Alex Berthin 250-853-3721 (campus local: 3721)
Christine Bobyn
Abdeslem Boukhtouta
Kristin Brandl
Jennifer Bresciani
Mark Bridge
Graham Brown
Daniel Buchner
Annie Buck
William Buckwold
Brendan Burrows
Craig Carefoot
Marguerite Casey 250-853-3202 (campus local: 3202)
Jon Chabun
Ralph Chami
Ravee Chittoor 250-472-5957 (campus local: 5957)
Mark Colgate 250-508-1870
Valeria Cortes
Vivien Corwin
Rick Cotton
Kali Cseke
Wade Danis 250-853-3872 (campus local: 3872)
M. Dolores Delrio
Peter Dobias
Dina Dolovac
Kate Donovan 250-721-6056 (campus local: 6056)
Qianqian Du 250-721-6417 (campus local: 6417)
David Dunne
Robin Dyke
Julia Eastman
A.R. Elangovan 250-721-6405 (campus local: 6405)
Nuha Elgindi
Takahiro Endo
Kimi Evans 250-472-4614 (campus local: 4614)
Andrea Felix de la Rosa
Lindsay Fitterer
Stacey Fitzsimmons 250-472-4787 (campus local: 4787)
Ricardo Flores
Carmen Galang 250-721-6111 (campus local: 6111)
Dale Ganley
Huachao Gao
Stacey Gavora 250-472-4488 (campus local: 4488)
Kevan Gorham 250-472-4280 (campus local: 4280)
Chris Graham 250-472-4675 (campus local: 4675)
Adel Guitouni
Clare Harris
Zhenchen He
Kerstin Heilgenberg
Christina Hernandez
Kelsey Hong 250-721-6416 (campus local: 6416)
Jennifer Hope 250-472-4721 (campus local: 4721)
Sandy Huang 250-472-5648 (campus local: 5648)
Ralph Huenemann
Stefanie Ickert
Naoko Iida 250-472-4140 (campus local: 4140)
Robert Inkster
Laurelle Inouye 250-472-4338 (campus local: 4338)
Eddie Isted 250-721-6429 (campus local: 6429)
Steven Janz
Marcus Jung
Sheryl Karras 250-721-6433 (campus local: 6433)
Kimball Ketsa
Jan Kietzmann
Erin Kilpatrick 250-721-6110 (campus local: 6110)
Michael King
Bert Klatt 250-472-4566 (campus local: 4566)
Saul Klein 250-721-6420 (campus local: 6420)
Ying Kracmar 250-721-6382 (campus local: 6382)
Maria Kuzmenko
Chris Lawless
Brian Leacock 250-721-6434 (campus local: 6434)
Kirstin Leary
Andie Lee
Vivian Leik
Zhi Lu
Renata Lutz Minholi 250-472-5675 (campus local: 5675)
Leslie MacDonald
Diego Maganhotto Coraiola
Wendy Mah 250-721-6060 (campus local: 6060)
Brent Mainprize 250-721-6404 (campus local: 6404)
Basma Majerbi 250-472-4281 (campus local: 4281)
Mia Maki 250-472-4513 (campus local: 4513)
Sarah McQuillan 250-721-6410 (campus local: 6410)
Michael Meehan
Sasha Milam
David Miller
Cheryl Mitchell
Yumi Morishima 250-721-6054 (campus local: 6054)
Matt Murphy
Daniel Nair
Radhika Nair 250-418-0758
Sudhir Nair 250-721-6414 (campus local: 6414)
Sang Nam 250-721-6402 (campus local: 6402)
Mohammadreza Nematollahi
Aloysius Marcus Newenham-Kahindi
Ignace Ng 250-721-6073 (campus local: 6073)
Lu Nishida Coraiola
Edward Pang
Andrew Park
Alison Parker
Simon Pek
Shannon Perdigao 250-721-8077 (campus local: 8077)
Andree-Anne Poirier-Leroy
Dan Pontefract
Iraj Pourian
Shelley Price 902-430-9739
Heather Ranson 250-721-6112 (campus local: 6112)
Lisa Ricci
Sorin Rizeanu
Ben Roberts
Phillip Rubel
Emily Salmon
Judith Sayers
Tev Schaufert
Sophia Seemann
Yan Shen 250-721-6312 (campus local: 6312)
Linda Shi 250-721-6408 (campus local: 6408)
Natalie Slawinski
Brock Smith 250-721-6070 (campus local: 6070)
Claudia Smith
Stuart Snaith
Sara Soares Traquina Alves Elias 250-721-6244 (campus local: 6244)
Dom Spragg
Charmaine Stack 250-217-1958
Allie Stanley
Douglas Stuart
Roy Suddaby
Jun Sugitani
Paul Summerville
Allen Sun 250-472-4506 (campus local: 4506)
Ruttapond Swanpitak
Venus Tamturk 250-472-3298 (campus local: 3298)
Amanda Taylor 250-472-4279 (campus local: 4279)
Audrey Thom
David Thomas
Tricia Thomas
Mike Thompson
Kenneth Thornicroft 250-721-6424 (campus local: 6424)
Joanna Tong
Fernanda Tsujiguchi
Christian Van Buskirk
Liana Victorino 250-721-6400 (campus local: 6400)
Nicole Wallace
Cynthia Waltho
Lily Wang 250-721-6419 (campus local: 6419)
Zoe Waterlander
Deborah Wickins 250-418-5507
Shari Wierenga 250-721-7182 (campus local: 7182)
Alan Winter
Richard Wolfe
Roger Wolff
Katherine Xu
Elsa Yan 250-721-6061 (campus local: 6061)
Sheri Yasue
Cecelia Zhang
Hao Zhang
Jie Zhang
Sarah Zheng
Sheryl Zornes 250-472-5647 (campus local: 5647)
Latin American Studies Department of Latin American Studies
Libr Interlibrary Loans Libraries, Interlibrary Loans
Administrative Stores Administrative Stores
Centre for Global Studies Centre for Global Studies
Centre for Studies in Rel/Soc Centre for Studies in Religion & Society
Art History & Visual Studies Department of Art History & Visual Studies
Gender Studies Department of Gender Studies
Germanic & Slavic Studies Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies
Greek and Roman Studies Department of Greek and Roman Studies
Hispanic & Italian Studies Department of Hispanic & Italian Studies
Medieval Studies Department of Medieval Studies
Pacific & Asian Studies Department of Pacific & Asian Studies
Religious Studies Department of Religious Studies
Continuing Studies Division of Continuing Studies
Division of Student Affairs Division of Student Affairs
Graduate Studies Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate Students' Society Graduate Students' Society
Indigenous Studies Indigenous Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary Studies
Intl Centre for Students International Centre for Students
Office of Student Life Office of Student Life
Environmental Studies School of Environmental Studies
Student Awards&Financl Aid Student Awards & Financial Aid
Stdnt Marketing & Communicatn Student Marketing & Communication
Student Recruitment Student Recruitment
Student Services Student Services
Student Support Services Student Support Services
Studies in Policy and Practice Studies in Policy and Practice
UVic Students' Society UVic Students' Society
UVic Student Radio Society University of Victoria Student Radio Society
Centre for Global Studies Centre for Global Studies
European Studies Program
Centre for Global Studies Centre for Global Studies
Centre for Global Studies
Centre for Studies in Rel/Soc Centre for Studies in Religion & Society
Centre for Studies in Religion and Society
Computer Science Department of Computer Science
Undergraduate Studies Program Coordinator
Linguistics Department of Linguistics
American Sign Language Program Coordinator
Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences
Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Geography, Environmental Studies, Geo-Spatial & Social Sciences Data
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Germanic Studies, Slavic Studies, Music, Film Studies
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - History, Academic & Technical Writing Program, Scottish Studies, ewspapers
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Linguistics, Pacific & Asian Studies, Religious Studies
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Education & Children's Lit, Gender Studies, Indigenous Education
Libr References Services Libraries, Reference Services
Librarian - Greek & Roman Studies, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Political Science
Business Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Summer Graduate Business Studies Program Manager
PEA - Prof Employees Assn Professional Employees Association
Continuing Studies Building
Environmental Studies School of Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies FAX

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