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Division of Continuing Studies (UNEX)

Division of Continuing Studies
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Division of Continuing Studies
Division of Continuing Studies (CST)
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Division of Continuing Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office Inquiries - Second Floor 250-472-4747
General Office Fax - Second Floor 250-721-8774

Office of the Dean

Dean Jo-Anne Clarke 250-721-8456 CST 358
Assistant to the Dean Kirsten Kopp 250-721-8456 CST 360
Administrative Manager Trish Atchison 250-472-4385 CST 359

Division Online Learning Services

Associate Director Hajime Kataoka 250-721-7872 CST 259
Online Learning Support Specialist Byron Crossley 250-721-8557 CST 286
Online Learning Support Specialist Trevar Pearce 250-732-8305 CST 286
Online Learning Support Specialist Nicole Gilchrist 250-721-7771 CST 286

Division International Recruitment

International Recruitment Coordinator Kyla Jardin 250-721-8731 CST 322
International Recruitment Coordinator Rena Fowler 250-721-8452 CST 325

Division Digital Media Services

Manager, Business Development and Digital Media Si Heng Tang 250-721-8468 CST 318
Digital Media Coordinator Taylor Caswell CST 086

Finance and Operations

Director Stefan Grbavec 250-721-8464 CST 248

Finance & Student Services

Student Support Coordinator Dana Clavette 250-721-8473 CST 204
International Student Advisor Katie McDonald 250-472-4198 CST 240
Supervisor, Financial Services Sheila Taylor 250-721-8525 CST 240
Financial Assistant Julianna Wells 250-472-4739 CST 240
Supervisor, Student Services Admissions Christa Kutzner 250-721-8799 CST 240
Advising Assistant Ashley Lutz 250-472-4692 CST 240
Admissions Assistant Alesha Akouri 250-721-7876 CST 240

Information Technology Services

Programmer Administrator Jorge Pinto 250-853-3931 CST 086
Programmer Administrator Viviana Hersche 250-853-3930 CST 086
Programmer Administrator Quhyn Hoang 250-721-8070 CST 086
Programmer Administrator Jacky Chen 250-472-4135 CST 086
Programmer Administrator Peter Schoenrank 250-853-3929 CST 086

Business, Science & Technology

Director Miranda Angus 250-721-6460 CST 352
Program Coordinator Ann Greenwood 250- CST 308
Program Coordinator Itzel Vargas Araluce 250-721-8073 CST 340
Program Coordinator Elizabeth Bowman 250-721-7589 CST 343
Program Coordinator Genevieve Lemay 250-472-5040 CST 348
Program Coordinator Ash Moosavi 250-721-8779 CST 354
Program Coordinator Catherine Ross 250-721-6412 CST 350
Program Coordinator Tusa Shea 250-721-8463 CST 342
Program Assistant Chase Gargus 250-721-8073 CST 344
Program Assistant Jolene Kendzel 250-721-8072 CST 344
Program Assistant Melissa Payne 250-721-8481 CST 344
Program Assistant Aly Trippel 250-721-8458 CST 344

Languages, Arts & Culture

Director Tania Muir 250-721-8462 CST 314
Program Coordinator Amy Errington 250-721-8827 CST 310
Program Coordinator Philippe Provencher 250-721-8511 CST 306
Program Coordinator Janna Wilson CST 316
Program Assistant Jacinthe Lauzier 250-721-8630 CST 310
Program Assistant Irene Lo 250-721-8457 CST 310
Program Assistant Tyler Reeves 250-472-4507 CST 304

Health Safety & Public Relations

Director Laura Vizina 250-721-8097 CST 353
Program Coordinator Alison Brophey 250-721-7860 CST 349
Program Coordinator Vicky Irvine 250-472-4179 CST 345
Program Coordinator Sandy Meadow 250-721-8608 CST 357
Program Coordinator Tatiana Shumilina 250-721-8453 CST 347
Program Assistant Angela Connelly 250-721-8558 CST 344
Program Assistant Susana Torres 250-721-6129 CST 344

English Language Centre

FAX 250-721-8774

English Language Centre

Director Seppy Masoodi 250-721-8950 CST 260
Manager, Academic Selena Bryan 250-721-7291 CST 256
Program Coordinator, Academic Maj-Britt Marttala 250-721-8747 CST 212
Program Coordinator, Academic Lily Chow 250-472-4063 CST 210 ELCAcademicCoordinatorST@uvic,ca
Curriculum Coordinator Cathy Aquart 250-472-5188 CST 208
Curriculum Coordinator Cathy Ebert 250-472-4285 CST 202


Manager Don Mellings 250-721-8479 CST 252
Program Assistant Margarita Coppard 250-721-7290 CST
Program Assistant Theresa Chan 250-721-4511 CST
Program Assistant Kim Namoco 250-721-8148

Socio Cultural Programs

Program Coordinator Deborah Shepherd 250-721-6185 CST 250
Program Coordinator Mikko Pomian 250-721-8306 CST 254

Homestay Programs

Manager Paula Ceroni 250-472-4433 CST 262
Homestay Coordinator Lindsey Schultz 250-472-8709 CST 262

Division Marketing Services

Director Levent Batur 250-721-8826 CST 313
Marketing Specialist, Design & Copy Darren Zurbrigg 250-721-8466 CST 317
Marketing Specialist, Design Khushboo Desai 250-472-5308 CST 323
Marketing Specialist, Web & Design Emma Lecours 250-721-8470 CST 311
Marketing Specialist, Design Donovan Spilchuk 250-721-8460 CST 319
Marketing Assistant Marcela Restrepo 250-721-6138 CST 310
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Susan Abrill-Russek
Maleea Acker
Alesha Akouri 250-721-7876 (campus local: 7876)
Nancy Ami 250-853-3675 (campus local: 3675)
Matthew Anderson
Sarah Androsoff
Emily Angulalik
Miranda Angus 250-721-6460 (campus local: 6460)
Catherine Aquart 250-472-5188 (campus local: 5188)
Trish Atchison 250-472-4385 (campus local: 4385)
Kathleen Bain
Karen Barnstable
Levent Batur
Erin Belcourt
Othman Bennis
Diana Bertuol Garcia
Christina Blake 250-721-8148 (campus local: 8148)
Sebastian Bonet
Tony Bounsall
Elizabeth Bowman 250-721-7589 (campus local: 7589)
Mark Bridge
Monty Bridgman
Carlo Brighi
Alison Brophey 250-721-7860 (campus local: 7860)
Alicia Brown
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly 250-721-6418 (campus local: 6418)
Selena Bryan 250-721-7291 (campus local: 7291)
Ashley Bucci
Don Caplan
Melissa Carroll
Taylor Caswell
Hailey Ceong
Paula Ceroni 250-472-4433 (campus local: 4433)
Theresa Chan
Jacky Chen 250-472-4135 (campus local: 4135)
Lily Chow 250-472-4063 (campus local: 4063)
Jo-Anne Clarke 250-721-8456 (campus local: 8456)
Dana Clavette
Barbara Clerihue
Angela Connelly
Marika Cooper
Margarita Coppard
Byron Crossley 250-721-8557 (campus local: 8557)
Cameron Culham 250-812-6854
Ashley Davis
Randy Delisle
Khushboo Desai
Alla Dudka
Laura Dutton
Catherine Ebert
Andrew Elves
Amy Errington 250-721-8827 (campus local: 8827)
Melissa Fahlman
Norman Fennema 250-853-3806 (campus local: 3806)
Cheryl Fitzpatrick
Darlene Fletcher
Jorge Flores Pinto
Rena Fowler 250-721-8452 (campus local: 8452)
Nozomi Franco Cea
Chase Gargus
Fraser Gelzinis
Richard Gerrard
Brett Gibb
Nicole Gilchrist 250-721-7771 (campus local: 7771)
Joana Godran
Anita Goetz-LaLiberte
Emily Gonzales
Olga Gould 250-686-8499
Stefan Grbavec 250-721-8464 (campus local: 8464)
Ann Greenwood 250-884-9049
Sabrina Guzman Skotnitsky
Vivian Hagos Ibrahim
Gavin Haigh
Andria Hamill
Sarah Harasymchuk
Lori Hargreaves
John Heaney
Richard Hebda
Viv Hersche
Quynh Hoang
Edwin Hodge
Marsha Hotch
Nigel Howard
Mary Jo Hughes
Douglas Hutchinson
Vicky Irvine
Michelle Jack
Kyla Jardin 250-721-8731 (campus local: 8731)
Suzanne Jolly
Lynn Joly
Brenda Jones
Hajime Kataoka
Jolene Kendzel
Andrzej Kielbowicz
Kirsten Kopp
Estelle Kurier 250-721-7416 (campus local: 7416)
Bradley Kurushima
Christa Kutzner 250-721-8799 (campus local: 8799)
Tim Lane
Debra Laprise
Jacinthe Lauzier
Brian Leacock 250-721-6434 (campus local: 6434)
Emma Lecours 250-721-8470 (campus local: 8470)
J.M. Ledet 250-320-9647
Genevieve Lemay
Kevin Lewis
Caren Liedtke
Irene Lo 250-721-8457 (campus local: 8457)
Gerry Luton
Ashley Lutz
Melina Luxruel
Niall MacLachlan
Brock MacLeod
Patrick MacNeil
Jacquie Madalena
Moussa Magassa 250-472-4114 (campus local: 4114)
Linda Martine
Maj-Britt Marttala
Seppy Masoodi
Katie McDonald 250-472-4198 (campus local: 4198)
Sandy Meadow
Don Mellings 250-721-8479 (campus local: 8479)
Greg Melnechuk
Amanda Merritt
Tim Mitchell
Fatemeh Mokhtarzadeh
Martin Monkman
Ash Moosavi
John Morgan
Amber Morrison
Tania Muir
Kim Namoco
Kaloutie Nelson 250-721-6115 (campus local: 6115)
Randeep Nota
Darcy Nybo
Crystal Nykilchuk
Sarah Obee
Karen Olson
Melissa Payne
Trevar Pearce 250-721-8305 (campus local: 8305)
Catherine Pierre
Elizabeth Pittman
Csaba Peter Polgar
Mark Pomeroy
Mikko Pomian
Philippe Provencher 250-721-8511 (campus local: 8511)
Angie Reamer
Tyler Reeves 250-721-7797 (campus local: 7797)
Mikki Reintjes
Maxine Reitsma 250-721-6477 (campus local: 6477)
Marcela Restrepo Arango
Douglas Rodger
Mark Roper
Catherine Ross 250-721-6412 (campus local: 6412)
Marie Roulleau
Christine Rowlandson
Richard Rush
Abbey Rushton
Tina Sagert
Joanna Schaller
Peter Schoenrank 250-853-3929 (campus local: 3929)
Lindsey Schultz 250-721-8709 (campus local: 8709)
Tusa Shea
Deborah Shepherd 250-721-6185 (campus local: 6185)
Tatiana Shumilina 250-721-8453 (campus local: 8453)
Georgia Sitara 250-472-5755 (campus local: 5755)
Laurel Sleigh
Jacqueline Sloan Morgan
Carol Sokoloff
Mohsen Soltanifar
Donovan Spilchuk
Kurt Sproat
Shayla Starcheski
Saurabh Suryavanshi
Keiko Tachibana
Si Heng Tang 250-721-8468 (campus local: 8468)
Sheila Taylor 250-721-8525 (campus local: 8525)
Hossen Teimoorinia
Christina Teskey
Lucas Thung
Heidi Tiedemann Darroch
Susana Torres
Aly Trippel
Robin Van Driel
Itzel Vargas Araluce
Laura Vizina 250-721-8097 (campus local: 8097)
Tracy Watson
Julianna Wells 250-472-4739 (campus local: 4739)
Pamela Westinghouse
Chris Wiebe
Rhordon Wikkramatileke
Tim Willis
Janna Wilson
Naji Yazdi
Darren Zurbrigg
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Advising-Education Centre for Advising-Education
Adv Materials & Technology Centre for Advanced Materials & Technology
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Senior Consultant, Academic Advising
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Academic Advising Consultant, Trainer
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Indigenous Academic Advising Consultant
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Manager,Academic Advising
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Associate Director, Advising Services
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Coordinator, Frontline Advising
Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc Advising-Hum,Sci and Sosc
Academic Advising Consultant
Advising-Education Centre for Advising-Education
Advising Officer
Advising-Education Centre for Advising-Education
Advising Officer
Advising-Education Centre for Advising-Education
Advising Officer
Advising-Education Centre for Advising-Education
Advising Assistant
Advising-Education Centre for Advising-Education
Acting Manager, Advising and Admissions
Computer Science Department of Computer Science
Undergraduate Advising Officer
Geography Department of Geography
Undergraduate Advising
Continuing Studies Division of Continuing Studies
Advising Assistant
Elementary Teacher Education Elementary Teacher Education
Advising Officers
Education Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education Advising Office
Engineering & Computer Science Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Admissions/Advising Assistant
Engineering & Computer Science Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Admissions/Advising Officer
Fine Arts Faculty of Fine Arts
Undergraduate Student Advising and Program Inquiries
Intl Centre for Students International Centre for Students
Manager, International Student Advising
Business Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Advising Officer, Undergraduate Programs
Business Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Advising Officer, Undergraduate Programs
Business Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Recruitment, Admissions, and Advising Officer
Exercise Sc, Phys & Health Ed School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education
Advising Officer
Nursing School of Nursing
Assistant, Admissions & Advising
Nursing School of Nursing
Undergraduate Education - Admissions & Advising
Secondary Teacher Education Secondary Teacher Education
Advising Officers
Student Services Student Services
Academic Advising (Humanities, Science and Social Sciences)
Teacher Education Program Teacher Education Program
Teacher Education Advising