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Office of Student Life (OSTL)

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Office of Student Life
University of Victoria
Jamie Cassels Centre JCC B202
Office of Student Life
Office of Student Life
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road
Jamie Cassels Centre, Room B202
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Office of Student Life
Office of Student Life
Division of Student Affairs
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Office of Student Life

Director, Student Life Kirsten McMenamie 250-472-5355 B202
Student Life Administrative Assistant Dipayan Nag 250-472-5617 JCC B202
Associate Director, Student Investigations and Support, Student Life Emily Waterman 250-472-5866 JCC B202
Manager, Student Conduct and Incident Response Keith Bell 250-721-8865 JCC B202
Manager, Student Student Investigations & Training Emma Naismith 250-472-5423 JCC B202
Coordinator, Student Conduct Kimiya Missaghi 250-472-5387 JCC B202
Manager, Student Support Tyler Schaus 250-472-5605 JCC B202
Coordinator, Student Support Jessica Evans 250-472-5281 JCC B202
Coordinator, Student Support Yuka Kurokawa 250-853-3882 JCC B202
Coordinator, Student Support, Varsity Athlete Specialist Jamie Garrett 250-472-5782 JCC B202
Coordinator, Indigenous Student Support Crystal Seibold 250-516-5781 JCC B202
Manager, Student Equity and Social Justice Education Lily Han 250-507-9409 JCC B272
Equity Advisor Ryan Khungay JCC B272
Student Equity Advocate (On Leave) Luca Piscetta 250-472-5618 JCC B272
Coordinator, Student Leadership Torry Harris 250-472-4398 JCC B272
Manager, Student Life and Engagement Emily Huynh 250-472-5897 JCC B272
Coordinator, Communications and Curriculum Hannah McElderry 250-472-5554 JCC B202
Program Assistant Fahe Villeneuve 250-472-4672 JCC B272
Program Manager, Orientation Nicole Crozier 250-472-4088 JCC B272
Program Manager, New Student Connect Angi Ross 250-472-5038 JCC B272
Student Equity Advocate Priyanka Lopez 250-472-5038 JCC B272
Coordinator, Student Engagement Itzel Vargas Araluce 250-472-5038 JCC B202