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Student Development and Success (SDAS)

Related departments: Intl Centre for Students , Residence Services , Centre for Accessible Learning , Office of Student Life
Student Development and Success
University of Victoria
Jamie Cassels Centre A115
Student Development and Success
Student Development & Success
Division of Student Affairs
Jamie Cassels Centre A115
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8N 5M8
Student Development and Success
Student Development & Success
Division of Student Affairs
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 3P2
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Student Development & Success

Executive Director Joel Lynn JCC A115
Assistant to the Executive Director Marta Ausio-Esteve 250-721-8022 JCC A115
Associate Director, Planning & Operations Graham Sedun 250-721-6508 JCC A115

Centre for Accessible Learning

Director Laurie Keenan 250-472-4947 CSR 119
Front Desk Kirsten Carroll 250-472-4947 CSR 150

International Centre for Students

Director Tricia Best 250-721-6020 JCC A205a
Frontline Adviser Mayah Stratton 250-721-6361 JCC B272

Office of Student Life

Acting Director, Student Life 250-472-5866 JCC B202
Administrative Assistant, Student Life Vacant 250-472-5617 JCC B202
Acting Associate Director, Student Life Emma Naismith 250-472-5423 JCC B272
Manager, Student Conduct & Incident Response 250-721-8865 JCC B272
Manager, Student Support Tyler Schaus 250-472-5605 JCC B202
Manager, Student Life and Education Emily Huyhn 250-472-5897 JCC B202
Manager, Student Equity and Social Justice Education Lily Han JCC B202

Residence Services

Director Kathryn MacLeod CRA
Administrative Assistant Rowena Chee 250-472-4173 CRA 205