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School of Public Health and Social Policy (PHSP)

School of Public Health and Social Policy
University of Victoria
Human & Social Development Building B202
School of Public Health and Social Policy
Room B202
Human and Social Development Building
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
School of Public Health and Social Policy
PO Box 1700
Station CSC
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director & Professor Catherine Worthington 250-472-4709 HSD B202f
Assistant to Director Leila Bolouri 250-472-5377 HSD B202
Academic Administrative Officer Gillian Cornwall 250-853-3845 HSD B202g
Admission and Academic Advisor Gillian Dolding 250-721-8204 HSD B202c
Program Assistant Laleh Mousavi 250-472-5374 HSD B202
Practicum Coordinator Heather Ulmer 250-721-6628 HSD B202b
Administrative Assistant - Brightspace Douglas Thompson 250-472-5208
Assistant Professor Jaime Arredondo Sanchez Lira
Assistant Professor Robert Beringer
Assistant Teaching Professor Lindsay DuPre
Assistant Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Academic Advisor Natalie Frandsen 250-721-6625 HSD B202e
Associate Professor Nathan Lachowsky 250-472-5739 HSD B202e
Assistant Professor Matthew Little
Professor Jeff Masuda HSD B232
Assistant Professor Renee Monchalin 250-472-4431
Professor Tim Naimi HWB 273b
Associate Professor Karen Urbanoski 250-853-3238 HWB 267
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Paivi Abernethy
Sandra Allison
Jaime Arredondo Sanchez Lira
Kristin Atwood
Monique Auger
Brittany Barker
Victoria Barr
Lillian Bayne
Leila Bolouri
Leslie Brown 250-508-0678
Kiffer Card
Simon Carroll
Luiza Cesar Riani Costa
Gillian Dolding
Lindsay Dupre
Lucy Fowler
Natalie Frandsen
Aki Gormezano
Maritia Gully
Perry Kendall
Nathan Lachowsky 250-472-5739 (campus local: 5739)
Matthew Little
Charlotte Lombardo
Sandra Marquis
Jeff Masuda
Patrick McGowan 604-940-3574
Andrea Mellor
Jo Ann Miller
Renee Monchalin
Jordan Monks
Laleh Mousavi
Shanna Peltier
Jeff Reading 250-472-5270 (campus local: 5270)
Kaitlyn Roland
Irving Rootman
Wallis Rudnick
Leo Rutherford
Robert Savage
Adam Sherk 250-853-3235 (campus local: 3235)
Neale Smith
Rusty Souleymanov
Kathryn Stone
Jay Tang
Douglas Thompson 250-472-5208 (campus local: 5208)
Gioi Tran
Heather Ulmer 250-721-6628 (campus local: 6628)
Karen Urbanoski
Rebecca Warburton
Catherine Worthington 440-470-9
Sarah Wright Cardinal