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CanAssist (CANA)

CARSA, A102 - 3800 Finnerty Road
Ph: 250-721-7300
Victoria , BC
V8W 2Y2
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Line 250-721-7300 ARC A102
Executive Director Robin Syme 250-721-7123 ARC A109
Director of Operations Marianne Hooper 250-721-6649 ARC A124
Engineering Manager Paul Green 250-721-5908 ARC A118
Office Administrator Rosanna Perri 250-472-5614 ARC A115
Executive Coordinator Jennifer Downie 250-721-7300 ARC 102
Client Relations Coordinator Megan Yon 250-853-3874 ARC A123
Teework Program Manager Karina Zobolotny 250-472-5954 ARC A108
Mechanical Design Specialist
Electrical Design Technician Nathan Gartner 250-721-763 ARC A120
Electrical Design Technician Co-op Nicholas Plummer 250-721-6551 ARC A120
TeenWork Job Coach Melissa MacEwan 250-721-7670 ARC A120
Teenwork Job Coach Christina Lafleur ARC A108
TeenWork Job Coach 250-472-595 ARC A108
Canwork Job Coach Paige Quinn 250-472-595 ARC A108
TeenWork Job Coach Sacha Stewart ARC A108
Special Projects Team Lead Nora Loyst 250-721-7301 ARC A108
Canassist Receptionist Quinlan Jones 250-721-7300 ARC A102
Mechanical Design Technician Isaac Stevens ARC 120
Data Migration Will Lefebure ARC 120
CanWork Job Coach Tiffany Parks ARC 108
CanWork Job Coach Emily Jackson ARC 108
Employment Strategy Program Coordinator Rebecca Ipe ARC 108
Job Coach Zack Zitek ARC 108
Special Projects Assistant Pascalle Ricard ARC 108
Research Assistant Coop Emily Flegel ARC 108