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UVic Online Systems (UVON)

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UVic Online Systems
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
UVic Online Systems
University of Victoria
University Systems
3800 Finnerty Road
Clearihue Loading Ramp C070
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
UVic Online Systems
University of Victoria
University Systems
PO Box 3045
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director Garry Sagert 250-721-7692 CLE C040c
Administrative Assistant Lotte van den Dam 250-472-5677 CLE C026

Development Services

Associate Director, Development Services Ivan Petrovic 250-472-5565 CLE C031

Production and Technical Support

Associate Director,Production and Technical Support Rizwan Bashir
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Takumi Adachi
Ruth Adam 250-721-7594 (campus local: 7594)
aspen apGaia
Devin Arnold
Matthew Bacon 250-721-7769 (campus local: 7769)
Margaret Balasamy
Ray Bon 250-721-8831 (campus local: 8831)
Davis Carlson 250-472-5229 (campus local: 5229)
Andrea Castaneda Bueno
Jes Castor 250-721-8737 (campus local: 8737)
Raymond Choo 250-472-4909 (campus local: 4909)
Chris Clausen 250-472-4836 (campus local: 4836)
John Cox
Richard Cruikshank
Kristen Ficke 250-721-7604 (campus local: 7604)
Bob Fleming 250-853-3195 (campus local: 3195)
Kathleen Garland
Adam Gaudes 250-721-6633 (campus local: 6633)
Corey Gibbings 250-472-4758 (campus local: 4758)
Kjalen Hansen 250-472-5906 (campus local: 5906)
Shannon Hayward 250-472-5988 (campus local: 5988)
Paul Hilchey 250-721-8785 (campus local: 8785)
Zoe Johnston
Lynne Johnstone
Sarah Mackay
Conner McConkey 250-472-4136 (campus local: 4136)
Justin McRae 250-472-5120 (campus local: 5120)
Vugar Mehraliyev 250-721-7660 (campus local: 7660)
Mohammad Movahedian
Samuel Navarrete Ayala
Logan Northcote 250-721-7669 (campus local: 7669)
Ivan Petrovic 250-472-5565 (campus local: 5565)
Sheeja Rajagopal 250-472-4710 (campus local: 4710)
Amos Rowsell 250-721-6321 (campus local: 6321)
Garry Sagert 250-721-7692 (campus local: 7692)
Ased Said 250-721-7671 (campus local: 7671)
Dave Sanderson
Cara Segger 250-721-7676 (campus local: 7676)
Scott Thompson 250-721-7679 (campus local: 7679)
Tristin Tucker
Mark van Hoek 250-721-8323 (campus local: 8323)

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