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Department of Research Services (READ)

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Department of Research Services
University of Victoria
Michael Williams Building B202
Department of Research Services
Michael Williams Building (MWB)
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Research Services
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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General Enquiries:
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Enquiries 250-472-4362
FAX - Research Services Office 250-721-8960
Administrative Assistant Charlotte Duncan 250-472-4362 MWB B202
Post Approval Support Consultant Dean Rysstad 250-472-5410 SED A142

Research Finance

Associate Director, Research Finance Alison McCluskey 250-721-8079 MWB B231
Research Finances Liaison Jhobelle Cua 250-472-5273 MWB B202
Research Finance Assistant Gay Enriquez 250-472-5273 MWB B202

Research Grants

Manager, Research Grants (Acting) Cara Pearson 250-853-3103 MWB B231
Research Grants Officer Jessica Worsley 250-472-5143 MWB B235
Research Grants Facilitator Holland Gidney 250-472-4371 MWB B235

Institutional Programs

Manager, Institutional Programs Jill Taylor 250-853-3847 MWB B229
Senior Project Officer Manjinder Cheema 250-721-6096 MWB B221
Research Infrastructure Project Officer Marjan Yaghoubi 250-472-4377 MWB B221
Institutional Projects Asssitant Lotte van den Dam 250-472-5990 MWB B202

Human Research Ethics

Manager, Human Research Ethics Eugenie Lam 250-472-5202 SED A142C
Human Research Ethics Facilitator Kenna Miskelly 250-472-5555 SED A142
Human Research Ethics Liaison Jeta Rugova-Plakolli 250-472-4321 SED A142
Human Research Ethics Assistant Emilie Tse 250-472-4545 SED A142

Animal Care Services

Veterinary Director 250-853-3694
Animal Ethics Liaison 250-853-3187
Animal Health Technician Coordinator 250-853-3692
Animal Health Technicians 250-721-7137
Animal Husbandry Coordinator 250-853-3693
Animal Care Service Workers 250-721-7139
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Tanya Battersby 250-853-3954 (campus local: 3954)
Manjinder Cheema
Heather Chestnutt
Bren Clark
Jhobelle Cua
Sarah-Louise Decrausaz 250-853-3939 (campus local: 3939)
Jasmine Desjardins
Charlotte Duncan 250-472-4362 (campus local: 4362)
Michael England 250-472-5126 (campus local: 5126)
Gay Enriquez
Holland Gidney 250-472-4371 (campus local: 4371)
Gurleen Grewal
Armando Jardim
Eugenie Lam 250-472-5202 (campus local: 5202)
Jennifer MacDonald
Alison McCluskey
Lytton McDonnell 250-721-7945 (campus local: 7945)
Kenna Miskelly 472-555-5
Cara Pearson 250-853-3103 (campus local: 3103)
Jeta Rugova-Plakolli 250-472-4321 (campus local: 4321)
Dean Rysstad 250-472-5410 (campus local: 5410)
Jill Taylor 250-853-3847 (campus local: 3847)
Ryan Tonkin
Emilie Tse
Lotte van den Dam 250-472-5990 (campus local: 5990)
Jessica Worsley 250-472-5143 (campus local: 5143)
Marjan Yaghoubi