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School of Public Administration (PADM)

School of Public Administration
University of Victoria
Human & Social Development Building A302
School of Public Administration
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Public Administration
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, STN CSC
Human and Social Development Building, A302
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-8055 HSD A302
Director Astrid Brousselle 250-721-8084 HSD A342
Assistant to the Director & Office Mgr. Belle Young 250-721-8056 HSD A344
Academic Administrative Officer Silvia Dulc 250-472-4196 HSD A312

Master of Public Administration; Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution

Programs Assistant Kimberley Cook 250-721-6448 HSD A302
Programs Manager Marlowe Morrison 250-721-8067 HSD A306
Graduate Student Advisor Kimberly Speers 250-721-8057 HSD A354

Co-operative Education

Co-op Coordinator Barbara Svec 250-721-8064 HSD A304
Co-op Assistant Alisha Tedder 250-721-8061 HSD A303

Master of Arts in Community Development; Graduate Certificate in Evaluation

Programs Assistant Stephen Leckie 250-721-8074 HSD A302
Programs Manager Marlowe Morrison 250-721-8067 HSD A306
Graduate Student Advisor Kimberly Speers 250-721-8057 HSD A354

Professional and Undergraduate Programs (Diploma, Certificate)

Programs Assistant Stephen Leckie 250-721-8074 HSD A302
Program Manager Marlowe Morrison 250-721-8067 HSD A306
Undergraduate Program Advisor Susanne Thiessen
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Kevin Andrew
Hassan Arif 250-721-7581 (campus local: 7581)
Michael Atkinson
Herman Bakvis
Maria Barnes
Carol Bellringer
Oliver Brandes
Natalia Britto dos Santos
Astrid Brousselle
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly 250-721-6418 (campus local: 6418)
Rob Buchan
Tracy Byrne
David Castle
Heather Castleden
Natasha Caverley
Jill Chouinard 250-721-8068 (campus local: 8068)
Aldyn Chwelos
Ian Clark
Kimberley Cook 250-721-8074 (campus local: 8074)
Zainab Coovadia
Barton Cunningham 250-721-8059 (campus local: 8059)
Stephanie Dahling
Sean Darling
Erik Devries
Norman Dolan
Silvia Dulc 250-472-4196 (campus local: 4196)
Bronwyn Dunbar
Suriani Dzulkifli
Peter Elson
Chanze Gamble
Mohaddese Ghadiri
Allison Habkirk
Jennifer Hall
Helga Kristin Hallgrimsdottir 250-721-8049 (campus local: 8049)
Yvonne Harrison
Megan Harvey
Harish Jagannath
Barbara Jenni
Bayla Kolk
Tamara Krawchenko 250-721-6442 (campus local: 6442)
Newman Lam
John Langford
Stephen Leckie 250-721-8074 (campus local: 8074)
Walter Lepore
Evert Lindquist 250-721-8416 (campus local: 8416)
Michael Litchfield
Nikki Macdonald
James MacGregor
Lenora Marcellus 250-472-5428 (campus local: 5428)
Richard Marcy
Gordon McIntosh
Melinda Minch
Marlowe Morrison 250-721-8067 (campus local: 8067)
Dean Murdock
Victor Murray 250-888-2876
Robert Newell
Oluwayemisi Ogungbemi
Karen Payne
Astrid Perez Pinan
Brant Popp
Terry Poucette
Draco Recalma
Aureleo Reyes
Katya Rhodes 250-721-8071 (campus local: 8071)
Carol-Anne Rolf
Roya Rouzbehani
Lynne Siemens 250-721-8069 (campus local: 8069)
Kimberly Speers
Susanne Thiessen
Marissa Tweedy
Albert Ugochukwu
Brian Vatne
Chantelle Verhey
Rebecca Warburton
Sam Weller
Veda Weselake
Sarah Marie Wiebe
Julie Williams
Charles Woodford
Belle Young 250-721-8056 (campus local: 8056)

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