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School of Nursing (NURS)

School of Nursing
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
School of Nursing
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Nursing
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office (phone tree only) 250-721-7954 HSD A402a
Director Vera Caine 250-721-7953 HSD A402b
Assistant to the Director/Office Manager Naomi Poeschek 250-721-7955 HSD A402a
Academic Administrative Officer Jill Nichol 250-721-6335 HSD A402c

Undergraduate Education

Associate Director Undergraduate Programs & Partnerships Lenora Marcellus 250-472-5428 HSD B208
Assistant to Associate Director Undergraduate Nicola Sison 250-472-4315 HSD A402a
Assistant, Faculty & Undergraduate Course Delivery Stephanie Holmes 250-721-6333 HSD A402a

Undergraduate Education - Admissions & Advising

Undergraduate BSN Student Advisor Sandy Polomark 250-472-4702 HSD 404
Assistant, Admissions & Advising Jasmine Gray 250-472-4361 HSD A402a

Graduate Education

Associate Director Graduate Education Anastasia Mallidou 250-472-5663 HSD B236
Graduate Education Student Advisor Kristen Elder 250-721-7961 HSD A406
Assistant, Graduate Programs Russell Hawkins 250-721-8994 HSD A402a
Assistant, Graduate Course Delivery Douglas Thompson 250-472-5208 HSD A402a
Assistant, Nurse Practitioner Program Kimberly Dorio 250-472-5676 HSD A402a

Practice Education

Practica Coordinator Holly Mckenzie 250-721-6191 HSD A414
Practica Coordinator Sarah Yee 250-472-4608 HSD A412
Practica Coordinator Kia Cade 250-721-7204 HSD A410
Practica Coordinator Lindsay McDonald-Haight 250-721-6191 HSD A410
Assistant, Practice Education Erin Leinweber 250-721-8502 HSD A402c

Research and Scholarship

Assistant, Research and Scholarship Heidi Sugars 250-721-6470 HSD A402a
JBI Research Coordinator Bernadette Zakher
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Anthony Amato
Kelvin Bei
Katherine Bertoni 853-394-6
Debbi Beukes
Rosanne Beuthin
Lisa Bourque Bearskin
Caelen Bright
Judy Burgess
Kia Cade
Vera Caine
Christina Chakanyuka 250-472-4265 (campus local: 4265)
Nancy Clark 250-472-4703 (campus local: 4703)
Gerrit Clements
Damien Contandriopoulos
Sheryl Cooper
Kathryn Corby
Kim Daly
Helena Daudt
Betty Davies
Kelly Davison
Gweneth Doane
Dzifa Dordunoo 250-721-6284 (campus local: 6284)
Kimberly Dorio
Rebecca Drake
Susan Duncan 250-721-7953 (campus local: 7953)
Kristen Elder 250-721-6315 (campus local: 6315)
Karen Evers-Fahey 250-721-7956 (campus local: 7956)
Joanna Fraser
Noreen Frisch
Charlotte Futcher
Marilou Gagnon 250-721-7959 (campus local: 7959)
Panagiotis Galanopoulos
Sonya Gracey
Jasmine Gray 250-472-4361 (campus local: 4361)
Eileen Greene
Sonya Grypma
Adrian Guta
Ingrid Handlovsky 250-472-5280 (campus local: 5280)
Russell Hawkins 250-721-8994 (campus local: 8994)
Marcia Hills 250-472-4835 (campus local: 4835)
Heather Hobbs
Stephanie Holmes
Jayna Holroyd
Shauna Huffman
Joan Humphries 250-472-5678 (campus local: 5678)
Chidimma Ike
Valerie Jefferd
Mandeep Kang
Shahin Kassam
Leanne Kelly 250-472-5682 (campus local: 5682)
Sally Kimpson
Jae-Yung Kwon
Leah Lambert
Deborah Lefkowitz
Erin Leinweber
Deborah Lester
Susanne Loven-Skolnik
Marjorie MacDonald
Karen MacKinnon
Joanne Maclaren
Anastasia Mallidou 250-472-5663 (campus local: 5663)
Bhavan Manhas
Lenora Marcellus 250-472-5428 (campus local: 5428)
Stan Marchuk 604-417-0442
Tricia Marck
Carol McDonald
Lindsay McDonald-Haight
Holly Mckenzie
Ashley Mollison 250-472-5501 (campus local: 5501)
Anita Molzahn-Scott
Wendy Neander 250-472-4701 (campus local: 4701)
Lorelei Newton 250-721-6462 (campus local: 6462)
Jill Nichol 250-721-6335 (campus local: 6335)
Patti Nicks
Marcey Norman
Christine Ou
Bernie Pauly 250-472-5915 (campus local: 5915)
Olga Petrovskaya 250-472-4607 (campus local: 4607)
Sarah Pirani
Sandy Polomark
Susan Prendergast
Natasha Prodan-Bhalla
Leanne Rowand
Maureen Ryan 250-721-8051 (campus local: 8051)
Laura Sacilotto
Mariko Sakamoto
Esther Sangster-Gormley
Richard Sawatzky
Diane Sawchuck
Scott Schroeder
Debra Sheets 250-853-3947 (campus local: 3947)
Tracy Shenton
Anisha Sidhu
Jessy Sidhu
Nicola Sison
Allie Slemon
Kelli Stajduhar 250-721-7487 (campus local: 7487)
Sandy Stewart
Janet Storch
Heidi Sugars
Julie Ter Kuile
Vidhi Thakkar
Douglas Thompson 250-472-5208 (campus local: 5208)
Deborah Sally Thoun 250-472-4609 (campus local: 4609)
Coby Tschanz 250-721-7958 (campus local: 7958)
Shirley Turcotte
Christine Upright 250-472-4705 (campus local: 4705)
Don Versluis
Jeannette Watts
Liquaa Wazni
Lacie White
Chelsea Wozniak 250-508-7925
Sarah Yee 250-472-4608 (campus local: 4608)
Bernadette Zakher