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Department of Mechanical Engineering (MENG)

Related departments: Computer Science , Electrical & Computer Engg , Engineering & Computer Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Department of Mechanical Engineering
EOW (Engineering Office Wing)
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Inquiries 250-721-8895 EOW 548
FAX 250-721-6051
Acting Chair Brad Buckham 250-721-8901 EOW 551
Assistant to the Chair Christine Rattray 250-721-8900 EOW 548
Director, Graduate Program Ben Nadler 250-721-6050 EOW 507
Graduate Secretary Jaerang Lee 250-721-8921 EOW 548
Director, Undergraduate Program Daniela Constantinescu 250-721-6040 EOW 541
Receptionist/Undergraduate Secretary Leah Greschner 250-721-8895 EOW 548
Administrative Officer Kavita Sharma 250-721-8896 EOW 553
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Mahmoud Abusrea
Mohammadreza Aghel
Keivan Ahmadi 250-721-8694 (campus local: 8694)
Vahid Ahsani 250-721-8893 (campus local: 8893)
Mohsen Akbari 250-721-6038 (campus local: 6038)
Mascarenhas Alastair Alphonse
Yousif Alwai Alcheikhhamdon
Meitham Amerehbozchalouee
Lilah Amlani
Md Yeashir Arafat
Neil Armour
Pietro Arnaldi
Peyman Azhdary
James Bartlett
Aren Beagley
Claire Benwood
Rustom Bhiladvala 250-721-8616 (campus local: 8616)
Marianne Black
Colin Bradley 250-508-0571
Mario Bras 250-721-8662 (campus local: 8662)
Brad Buckham 250-721-6035 (campus local: 6035)
Will Canthal
Tess Carswell
Patrick Chang 250-721-6032 (campus local: 6032)
Behnad Chehri Chamchamali
Daniela Constantinescu 250-721-6040 (campus local: 6040)
Curran Crawford 250-721-7960 (campus local: 7960)
Yufan Dai
Nikolai Dechev 250-721-8933 (campus local: 8933)
Christopher Dennison
Ned Djilali 250-721-6034 (campus local: 6034)
Zuomin Dong 250-721-8693 (campus local: 8693)
Guy Dumas
Struan Eamer
Mehran Farhadmanesh
Devin Fennerty
Flavio Firmani
Ian Fraser
Spencer Funk
Josh Giles 250-853-3179 (campus local: 3179)
Leah Greschner
Kashish Gupta
Yugansh Gupta
Sara Hatami Gazani
Rodney Herring 250-721-8934 (campus local: 8934)
Amin Heydari Mazlaghani
Cassidy Hinz
Mina Hoorfar
Elaine Humphrey 250-853-3968 (campus local: 3968)
Zahra Jahanshahi
Masoud Jalayer
Molly James
Dane Jasek
Lukas Johnson
Dmitri Karaman
Rodney Katz 250-721-8667 (campus local: 8667)
Barry Kent 250-721-6033 (campus local: 6033)
Rebecca Kirsch
Kelly Knights
Tamara Knittel
Jaerang Lee
Siyang Liu
Colton Lowry
Tianxiang Lu
Manisha Madipalli
Chad Magas
Hirad Mashouf
Nadia Masri
Tara Mathur
Duncan McIntyre
Duncan McPherson
AJ Messner
Madison Miller
Ricardo Monteiro Casaca Marques
Thiago Moretti de Andrade
Lucas Murphy
Kashif Nadeem 236-882-2293
Ben Nadler 250-721-6050 (campus local: 6050)
Homayoun Najjaran
Oluwaseyi Ogunfowora
Peter Oshkai 250-721-8922 (campus local: 8922)
Erik Pagan
Bo Pang
Karolina Papera Valente 250-721-8696 (campus local: 8696)
Jules Pare
Michael Peirone
Eric Pettapiece
Aidan Polglase
Mohammad Rahnama
Amirali Rashedi
Christine Rattray 250-721-8900 (campus local: 8900)
Aditya Rebally
Keywan Riahi
Bryson Robertson 250-472-4065 (campus local: 4065)
Andrew Rowe 250-721-8920 (campus local: 8920)
Saeedeh Saghlatoun
Barbara Sawicki
Kali Scheck
Amir Seyfoori
Xinxin Shang
Kavita Sharma 250-721-8896 (campus local: 8896)
Yang Shi 250-853-3178 (campus local: 3178)
Anoop Shukla
Zach Smith
Evan Stefanek
Henning Struchtrup 250-721-8916 (campus local: 8916)
Carson Studders
Morgan Stuyt
Afzal Suleman 250-721-6039 (campus local: 6039)
Kristof Szojka
Tianyu Tan
Nishat Tasnim
Jess Thomsen
Paris Vakiel
Caterina Valeo 250-721-8623 (campus local: 8623)
Jacob Verhelst
Jack Walmsley
Chen Wang
Xi Wang
Peter Wild
Stephanie Willerth 250-721-7303 (campus local: 7303)
Luke Wooldridge
Binyan Xu
Marjan Yaghoubi
Yang Yang
Yaseen Yaseen
Arian Yeganegi
Peng Zhan
Kunwu Zhang
Zhonghao Zhang
Yang Zhao

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