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Department of Mathematics and Statistics (MATH)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building A418
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
David Turpin Building, Rm. A418
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Systems Administrator Kelly Choo 250-472-4927 DTB A418a
General Office Arunkumar Rajavel 250-721-7437 DTB A418
Graduate Secretary Marta Wojnarowicz 250-721-7468 DTB A418
FAX 250-721-8962
Acting Chair Peter Dukes 250-721-7435 DTB A418c
Assistant to Chair Amy Almeida 250-721-7436 DTB A418
Administrative Officer Marie Marlo-Barski 250-721-7459 DTB A418b

Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Hanan Abousaleh
Syed Ahmed
Shaghayegh AhooeiNejad
Branden Aitken
Fahim Alam 250-508-6356
Zibakhanim Alibalayeva
Amanda Allan
Amy Almeida
Haley Anderson
Catherine Atkinson
Muhammad Awais
Arjun Banik
Trefor Bazett
Natalie Behague
Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya
Simon Bonner
Hugo Borges Carneiro
Christopher Bose 250-721-7471 (campus local: 7471)
Tahar Boulmezaoud
Richard Brewster
Ryan Budney 250-853-3292 (campus local: 3292)
Jane Butterfield 250-721-7444 (campus local: 7444)
Elizabeth Carlson
Yu-Ting Chen
Kelly Choo 250-472-4927 (campus local: 4927)
Jack Cooper
Laura Cowen 250-721-6152 (campus local: 6152)
Gabriel Crudele
Yanxia Deng
Skye Dore-Hall
Peter Dukes 250-472-4272 (campus local: 4272)
Christopher Eagle
Michelle Edwards
Rod Edwards 250-721-7453 (campus local: 7453)
Heath Emerson
Farbod Esmaeili
Shelley Gao
Noah Garson
Gavin Goerke
David Goluskin
Michael Henning
Duyen Hoang
Jules Hoepner
Steve Hof
Mikayla Holmes
Joseph Horan
Yulia Hu
Jing Huang 250-721-7447 (campus local: 7447)
Joseph Hyde
Slim Ibrahim 250-853-3294 (campus local: 3294)
Mehnaz Jahid 250-883-8546
Chi Kou
Marcelo Laca 250-721-7467 (campus local: 7467)
Samah Larabi
Etienne Leclerc
George Lee
Jae-baek Lee
Mary Lesperance 250-721-7461 (campus local: 7461)
Mark Lewis
Mathew Lewis
Meifan Lin
Zhaoze Liu
Zoe Lyu
Junling Ma 250-721-7442 (campus local: 7442)
Siying Ma
Xiaoxiao Ma
Gary MacGillivray 250-721-7448 (campus local: 7448)
Morgan Magee
Elham Majd
Marie Marlo-Barski
Kristina McKinnon 250-472-4271 (campus local: 4271)
Michelle Miranda
Aman Monga
Natasha Morrison
Elena Moss
Saman Muthukumarana
Kieka Mynhardt 250-721-7454 (campus local: 7454)
Mehrab Najafian
Farouk Nathoo 250-472-4693 (campus local: 4693)
Khashayar Neshat Taherzadeh
Andrew Nicas
Kate Nimegeers
Emily Ning
Jon Noel
Kehinde Olobatuyi
Svetlana Oshkai 250-721-7443 (campus local: 7443)
Youlian Pan
Bo Pang
Ernesto Perez
Nahid Pourdolat Safari
Ian Putnam 250-721-7449 (campus local: 7449)
Amanda Qiu
Anthony Quas 250-721-7463 (campus local: 7463)
Arun Rajavel
Farid Rajkotia Zaheer
Arantha Ranu
Gourab Ray
Bruce Reed
Negin Saatchi
Najme Sahami
Tyler Schulz
Stephen Scully
Carlos Sevilla
Longwen Shang
Yogita Sharma
Jill Simmons 250-721-7451 (campus local: 7451)
Asmita Sodhi
H. M. Srivastava
Brendan Steed
Atousa Tangestanipour
Kate Taylor
Laura Teshima
Tom Thompson
Danielle Tsao
Min Tsao 250-721-7460 (campus local: 7460)
Pauline van den Driessche 250-880-0977
Manting Wang
Te-Chun Wang
Benjamin Wild
Ethan Williams
Marta Wojnarowicz
Ashna Wright
Li Xing
Shiyu Xu
Jane Ye 250-721-6160 (campus local: 6160)
Jianping Yu
Johnson Yue
Shangzhi Zeng
Rena Zhang
Shibai Zhang
Xuekui Zhang
Yupeng Zhao
Julie Zhou 250-721-7470 (campus local: 7470)
Guangzhao Zhu

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