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Libraries, Systems Services (LSYS)

Libraries, Systems Services
University of Victoria
Mearns Centre / Mcpherson Library A318 & 260
Libraries, Systems Services
2nd Floor, Room 202
Mearns Centre / McPherson Library
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Libraries, Systems Services
Mearns Centre / McPherson Library
PO Box 1800
Victoria, BC
V8W 3H5
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Advanced Research Services

Geospatial, Maps, & Social Sciences Data Librarian Daniel Brendle-Moczuk 250-853-3619 LIB A231
Associate University Librarian, Advanced Research Services Lisa Goddard 250-721-8192 LIB A318a
Engineering and Science Librarian Aditi Gupta 250-721-6085 LIB A209
Head of Advanced Research Services Matt Huculak 250-472-4970 LIB 318e
Data Curation Librarian Shahira Khair 250-721-8238 LIB A318b
Health Research Librarian Zahra Premji 250-853-3268 LIB A318f
Administrative Assistant to the AUL, Advanced Research Services Jennifer Wells 250-721-8217 LIB A318

Library Systems

Senior Digital Scholarship Developer Tiffany Chan 250-721-8272 LIB A308g
Head of Library Systems John Durno 250-472-5069 LIB A318d
Digital Scholarship Developer Ethan Getty 250-721-8233 LIB A312
Systems Administrator Sandy Gordon 250-721-8266 LIB 202b
Digital Scholarship Technologist Greg Lanning 250-853-3950 LIB 202c
Senior Web Developer Ben Sheaff 250-853-3267 LIB 202e
Senior Technical Analyst Dave Sokalski 250-721-7397 LIB 202f
Systems Technician Jerry Trofimchuk 250-508-0456 LIB 260
Systems Technician Martin Tweedale 250-721-8214 LIB 260

Digital Scholarship Commons

DSC Manager Richard McCue 250-472-4716 LIB A318c
DSC Technical Assistant Dani Johnson 250-721-8263 LIB A318g

Digitization Centre

Digitization Supervisor Katharine Mercer 250-721-8254 LIB 282
Digitization Technician Page DeWolfe 250-472-4971 LIB 282
Digitization Technician Leanne Gibb 250-721-8219 LIB 282
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Daniel Brendle-Moczuk 250-853-3619 (campus local: 3619)
Tiffany Chan 250-721-8272 (campus local: 8272)
Corey Davis 778-677-5746
Page DeWolfe 250-472-4971 (campus local: 4971)
John Durno 250-472-5069 (campus local: 5069)
Ethan Getty 250-721-8233 (campus local: 8233)
Leanne Gibb
Lisa Goddard
Sandy Gordon 250-721-8266 (campus local: 8266)
Aditi Gupta 250-721-6085 (campus local: 6085)
Matt Huculak 250-472-4970 (campus local: 4970)
Dani Johnson
Greg Lanning
Rich McCue 250-472-4716 (campus local: 4716)
Katharine Mercer 250-721-8254 (campus local: 8254)
Zahra Premji
Ben Sheaff 250-853-3267 (campus local: 3267)
Dave Sokalski 250-721-7397 (campus local: 7397)
Jerry Trofimchuk 250-508-0456
Martin Tweedale 250-721-8214 (campus local: 8214)
Jennifer Wells 250-721-8217 (campus local: 8217)

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