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Faculty of Law (LAWF)

Faculty of Law
University of Victoria
Fraser Building McGill at Ring Rd.
Faculty of Law
FRASER Building
1 McGill Rd. at Ring Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, Stn. CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Communications Officer Julie Sloan 250-721-8167 FRA 119
General Office and Reception 250-721-8150 FRA 102
FAX - General Office 250-721-6390 FRA 106
FAX - Faculty 250-721-8146 FRA 240
Acting Dean Val Napoleon 250-721-8147 FRA 108
Assistant to the Dean Laura Hamilton 250-721-8147 FRA 108
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Relations Andrew Newcombe 250-721-8152 FRA 105
Assistant to the Associate Dean Musab Khalid 250-721-8152 FRA 102
Associate Dean, Administration & Research Geoff Loomer 250-721-8161 FRA 225
Manager, Academic Administration & Student Services Yvonne Lawson 250-721-8153 FRA 103
Coordinator, Academic Administration Fran Blake 250-472-4793 FRA 102
Program and Classroom Technology Assistant Ryan Kunar 250-721-6162 FRA 102
Recruitment and Admissions Officer Lori Klear 250-721-8155 FRA 115
Senior Admissions Assistant Carden Serviss 250-721-8151 JCC
Communications Officer Ivan Watson 250-418-0700 FRA 117
Director, Finance & Administration Wendy Seager 250-721-8198 FRA 121
Financial Assistant Maggie Li 250-721-8191 FRA 123
Financial Aid Officer Deb Kennedy 250-721-8166 FRA 131a
Director, Indigenous Initiatives Ruth Young 250-721-7070 FRA 118
Coordinator, Indigenous Initiatives 250-721-7195 FRA 115
Law Student Support Coordinator Zubaida Khan 250-472-4761 FRA 191
Counselling, Personal Support, Amicus Christina Friesen 250-721-8162
Law Development Officer Tina Belcourt 250-853-3518 FRA 131d
Research Facilitation Officer Heather Chestnutt 3600 FRA 216a
Faculty Assistant Johnesha Johnson 250-721-8160 FRA 241
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Admin & Research and Faculty Assistant Andrea Feary 250-721-8177 FRA 217
Graduate Program Coordinator Tiffany Gordon 250-721-8913 FRA 216
Law Co-op Coordinator Francine Proctor 250-721-8196 FRA 131c
Law Co-op Assistant Laura Dryburgh 250-721-8195 FRA 140b
Manager, Law Careers Office Jina Dhillon 250-472-4719 FRA 140C
Law Careers Office Assistant Taryn Marwick 250-721-8790 FRA 140
ELC Coordinator Holly Pattison 250-721-8188 FRA 288
ELC Administrative Assistant Gracie Chiu 250-472-4821 FRA 285
Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director Jessica Asch 250-721-8178 FRA 290
Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director Tara Williamson
ILRU Researcher Cheyenne Arnold-Cunningham
ILRU Coordinator Brooke Edmonds 250-721-8914 FRA 294
Clinical Director of The Law Centre Steve Perks 250-385-8604
Law Centre Program Administrator Judy Jones 250-385-1221
Law Centre Staff Social Worker Susan Noakes 250-385-8606
Law Centre Clinical Instructor Tybring Hemphill 250-385-1221
ILRU Researcher Ellen Campbell
Law Centre Assistant Director Donald McKay 250-385-1221
Lawyer and Clinical Education Program Associate Charis Kamphuis 250-721-8180 LIB 286
Strategic Advisor to the Dean Patricia Barkaskas 250-721-3167 FRA 228
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey
Moira Aikenhead
Ross Alexander
Tamara Amoroso Gonsalves
Cheyenne Arnold-Cunningham 647-700-8331
Jessica Asch 250-721-8178 (campus local: 8178)
Patricia Barkaskas
Fran Blake
John Borrows 250-721-8168 (campus local: 8168)
Susan Breau
Bradley Bryan 250-721-8164 (campus local: 8164)
Andrew Buck
David Busch
Gillian Calder 250-472-5127 (campus local: 5127)
Ellen Campbell
Ashley Caron
Holly Cecil
Kathryn Chan 250-721-8163 (campus local: 8163)
Heather Chestnutt
Russell Chiong
Gracie Chiu 250-472-4821 (campus local: 4821)
William Clark
Robert Clifford
Patricia Cochran 250-721-8183 (campus local: 8183)
Michael Cooper
Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
Deborah Curran 250-853-3105 (campus local: 3105)
Maneesha Deckha 250-721-8175 (campus local: 8175)
Jina Dhillon
Paula Donnachie
Patrick Dudding
Elizabeth Eby
Brooke Edmonds
Andrea Feary 250-721-8177 (campus local: 8177)
Sean Finn
Caileigh Franco
John Gailus 250-514-9955
Robyn Gifford
Mark Gillen 250-721-8169 (campus local: 8169)
Brittany Goud
Laura Hamilton
Alan Hanna
Alandra Harlingten
Lisa Harris
Robert Howell 250-721-8186 (campus local: 8186)
Irehobhude Iyioha 250-721-6299 (campus local: 6299)
Clare Jennings
Johnesha Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 250-721-8187 (campus local: 8187)
Hassan Kamalinejad
Charis Kamphuis
Deborah Kennedy
Musab Khalid
Zubaida Khan 250-472-4761 (campus local: 4761)
Asad Kiyani
Lori Klear 250-721-8155 (campus local: 8155)
Freya Kodar 250-721-8190 (campus local: 8190)
Ryan Kunar
Robert G. W. Lapper
Michelle Lawrence 250-721-8173 (campus local: 8173)
Yvonne Lawson 250-721-8153 (campus local: 8153)
Valerie Le Blanc
James Legh
Maggie Li
Darcy Lindberg
Tracey Lindberg
Geoff Loomer 236-464-4674
Stephen Lyons
Colin Macleod 250-721-7521 (campus local: 7521)
Raji Mangat
Claude Marchessault
Taryn Marwick
Lee Mauro
Donald Mckay
Debra McKenzie
Lori McMorran
Laura Miller
David Milward
Sarah Morales
Val Napoleon 250-721-6578 (campus local: 6578)
Andrew Newcombe 250-721-8152 (campus local: 8152)
Susan Noakes 250-385-1221
Pooja Parmar 721-817-9
Jess Patterson
Holly Pattison 250-721-8188 (campus local: 8188)
Fernando Pelegrina de Lima
Stephen Perks 250-385-1221
Keith Phillips
Lorne Phipps
Janna Promislow
Victor V. Ramraj 250-721-7024 (campus local: 7024)
Sara Ramshaw
Timothy Richards 250-721-8185 (campus local: 8185)
Calvin Sandborn 250-472-5248 (campus local: 5248)
Wendy Seager 250-721-8198 (campus local: 8198)
Eric Shapiro
Julie Sloan
Chris Tollefson 250-721-8170 (campus local: 8170)
Alan Treleaven
John Tuck
Esteban Vallejo Toledo
Jeremy Webber
Kim Willey
Tara Williamson
Vernon Wilson
David Wu
Kim Yee
Ruth Young 250-721-7070 (campus local: 7070)