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Division of Medical Sciences (DMSC)

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Division of Medical Sciences
University of Victoria
Medical Sciences Building
Division of Medical Sciences
Division of Medical Sciences
Medical Sciences Building, Room 104
3800 Finnerty Rd, UVic
Victoria, BC
Division of Medical Sciences
Division of Medical Sciences
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Community Engagement Coordinator, Genome Canada Grant Laurie Montour
Community Engagement Coordinator, Genome Canada Grant Brittany Morgan
Genetic Counsellor, Research Coordinator Alexa Mcadam
Scientific Project Manager, Genome Canada Grant Irina Manokhina
Research Coordinator, Genetic Counselor Sarah McIntosh 250-853 3262
Research Assistant/Technician Lawrence Gillman 250-853 3605
Graduate Program Assistant Lori Aasebo 250-853-3129 MSB 214
Head, Division of Medical Sciences Bruce Wright 250-472-5524 MSB 104
Assistant to the Head Kyla Patterson 250-472-5524 MSB 104
Administrative Director (Media Contact) Waheeda Esmail 250-472-5511 MSB 104a
Operations Manager Sara Ohora 250-853-3827 MSB 216
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Crystal Acosta
Hiphy Awogbindin
Rachel Barton
Laura Baxter
Paul Beckett
Jessica Belle
Emily Bosdachin
Olivia Braniff
Craig Brown 250-853-3733 (campus local: 3733)
Ruth Caden
Jeffery Campbell
Hector Caruncho 472-554-2
Brian Christie 250-472-4244 (campus local: 4244)
David Cook
Michael Copley
Paula Cota
Patricia Crow
Eric Eyolfson
Nichole Fairbrother
Keelin Henderson Pekarik
Phillippa Houghton
Parsa Khakpour
Emilie Langis
Alexander Laurie
Adam MacLellan
Bruno Malagamba Jasis
Kurt McBurney 250-472-5536 (campus local: 5536)
Chloe McKee
Patrick Nahirney 250-853-3659 (campus local: 3659)
Fani Nhuch
Dale Nicoll
Sara Ohora
Derek Paradiso Shaw
Marcio Penner
Laxman Pradhan
Jennifer Rice
Joel Rivera
Fiona Scanlan
Leigh Anne Swayne 250-853-3723 (campus local: 3723)
Marie-Eve Tremblay
Andrew Tyrrell
Divya Virmani
Roger Walmsley
Leigh Wicki-Stordeur 250-472-4595 (campus local: 4595)
Stephanie Willerth 250-721-7303 (campus local: 7303)

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