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Department of Human Resources (HUMR)

Department of Human Resources
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
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Department of Human Resources
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Human Resources
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
HR Assistant Vacant 250-721-8085 SED B130
FAX 250-721-8094

Human Resources

Associate Vice President Kane Kilbey 250-721-8031 SED B144
HR Systems & Workforce Analytics Manager Yasmin Kathrada 250-721-8770 SED B143
A/Administrative Assistant Jennifer Gray 250-721-8032 SED B130
UVic Staffing Solutions Jacquie Parker 250-721-6530 SED B163

Labour Relations & HR Consulting

Director, Labour Relations & HR Consulting Vanessa Cartwright 250-721-7559 SED B137
Associate Director, Labour Relations Michael Lancaster 250-472-5256 SED B141

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resources Consultant Lynn Meyers 250-472-5673 SED B142
Human Resources Consultant Nella Larkins 250-472-5492 SED B140
Human Resources Consultant Tonya Said-Wilson 250-721-8090 SED B135
Human Resources Consultant Russell Banzet 250-853-3207 SED B140
Human Resources Consultant Laurelle Inouye 250-853-3244 SED B138
HR Associate Alana Jordan 250-721-8906 SED B139
HR Associate Cordelia Horsburgh 250-472-4347 SED B139

Organization Development & Learning Services

Director, OD & Learning Services Sarah Hood 250-472-5446 SED B160
Associate Director, OD & Learning Services Karissa Sovdi 250-721-8559 SED B158
Learning and Leadership Consultant Alison Ambroso 250-472-4976 SED B161
HR Program & Projects Manager Sarah Howe 250-472-4931 SED B164
People and Equity Analytics Advisor Orvis Starkweather 250-472-4587 SED B160

Total Compensation & Recruitment

Director, Total Compensation & Recruitment Kam Cheema 250-472-5549 SED B157
Associate Director, Employee Heath and Wellbeing Services Tine Lathouwers 250-721-8089 SED B128
Manager, Compensation and Recruitment Services Larissa Pepper 250-721-8093 SED B156
Compensation and Recruitment Consultant Belinda Fontes 250-721-7879 SED B159
HR Advisor Boriana Tzatcheva 250-721-7464 SED B149
HR Advisor Vacant
Work Life Consultant Cathy Boraston 250-472-5462 SED B134
Work Life Consultant Melanie Gillespie 250-721-8450 SED B133
Work Life Consultant Kelly Simpson 250-472-5228 SED B133
WorkSafe Consultant David Morgan 250-721-6379 SED B136
HR Program and Project Manager Jacquie Parker 250-721-6530 SED B163
HR Program and Project Manager Vacant
Total Comp. & Recruitment Assistant Manuela Lale 250-472-5490 SED B164


Associate Director, Employee Health and Wellbeing Services Tine Lathouwers 250-721-8089 SED B128
Benefits Assistant Romy Weatherston 250-721-6522 SED B128
Benefits Assistant Gloria Nesbitt 250-472-4581 SED B128
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Alison Ambroso
Russell Banzet 250-853-3207 (campus local: 3207)
Cathy Boraston 250-472-5462 (campus local: 5462)
Vanessa Cartwright 250-721-7559 (campus local: 7559)
Kam Cheema 250-472-5549 (campus local: 5549)
Belinda Fontes 250-721-7879 (campus local: 7879)
Melanie Gillespie 250-721-8450 (campus local: 8450)
Jennifer Gray
Sarah Hood 472-544-6
Cordelia Horsburgh 250-721-8032 (campus local: 8032)
Sarah Howe
Laurelle Inouye
Alana Jordan 250-721-8906 (campus local: 8906)
Yasmin Kathrada 250-721-8770 (campus local: 8770)
Kane Kilbey 250-721-8031 (campus local: 8031)
Manuela Lale 250-472-5490 (campus local: 5490)
Michael Lancaster
Nella Larkins 250-472-5492 (campus local: 5492)
Tine Lathouwers 250-853-3244 (campus local: 3244)
Lynn Meyers 250-472-5673 (campus local: 5673)
Dave Morgan 250-721-6379 (campus local: 6379)
Gloria Nesbitt
Jacquie Parker 250-721-6530 (campus local: 6530)
Larissa Pepper 250-721-8093 (campus local: 8093)
Tonya Said-Wilson 250-721-8090 (campus local: 8090)
Kelly Simpson
Karissa Sovdi 250-721-8559 (campus local: 8559)
Orvis Starkweather 250-472-4587 (campus local: 4587)
Boriana Tzatcheva 250-721-7464 (campus local: 7464)
Romy Weatherston 250-721-6522 (campus local: 6522)