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Graduate Admissions and Records (GARO)

Related departments: Registrar
Graduate Admissions and Records
University of Victoria
Graduate Admissions and Records
Jamie Cassels Centre
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Graduate Admissions and Records
University of Victoria
PO Box 3025
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office-Reception 250-472-4657 JCC A206
FAX 250-472-5420 JCC A206
Director Rachel Strandquist 250-721-8716 JCC A206
Coordinator Bettina Mueller-Browne 250-721-6687 JCC A206
Graduate Admissions & Records Officers Scott Baker 250-721-7976 JCC A206
Jeremy Bubiak 250-472-5190 JCC A206
Tricia Charlton 250-472-5057 JCC A206
Sherry Graver 250-721-8715 JCC A206
Front Desk Clerk Bradley Ledger 250-472-4657 JCC A206
Front Counter & Input Clerk Paula Renning 250-721-8717 JCC A206
Graduate Admissions & Records Advisors Kate Adams 250-721-8755 JCC A206
Kelly Baker 250-472-5224 JCC A206
Sandra Baskett 250-472-5419 JCC A206
Anne Humphrey 250-721-7957 JCC A206
Elizabeth Rodford 250-472-5407 JCC A206
Maria Soriano 250-721-7974 JCC A206
Input Clerks Tebu Makalima 250-472-5417 JCC A206
Lynne West 250-472-5418 JCC A206
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Kate Adams 250-721-8755 (campus local: 8755)
Kelly Baker 250-472-5224 (campus local: 5224)
Scott Baker 250-721-7976 (campus local: 7976)
Sandra Baskett
Jeremy Bubiak 250-472-5190 (campus local: 5190)
Sarah Burrough
Tricia Charlton 250-472-5057 (campus local: 5057)
Sherry Graver 250-721-8715 (campus local: 8715)
Anne Humphrey 250-721-7957 (campus local: 7957)
Bradley Ledger
Tebu Makalima
Bettina Mueller-Browne 250-721-6687 (campus local: 6687)
Paula Renning
Maria Soriano Carrion 250-721-7974 (campus local: 7974)
Rachel Strandquist 250-721-8716 (campus local: 8716)
Elizabeth Taylor Rodford 250-472-5407 (campus local: 5407)
Lynne West 250-472-5418 (campus local: 5418)