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Custodial Services (FMCS)

Custodial Services
University of Victoria
Saunders Building
Custodial Services
3800 - Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
Custodial Services
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 Stn CSC
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Manager, Custodial Services Lawrence Lu 853-3171 HSD A124
Associate Manager, Custodial Services Peter Cassar 853-3171 HSD A124
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Fabio Aguila Lamas
Jonghyuk Ahn
Christopher Allers
Alex Alzu
Jimmy Aquino
George Arruda
Laura Baddeley
Thanh Banh
Avel Bayot
Danielle Beauchamp
Craig Belton
Amardeep Bhatti
Joseph Blas
Robin Boodle 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Charles Bradshaw 250-721-8142 (campus local: 8142)
Dan Braga
Siripun Buasri
Thitithana Buasuwanchai
Ariel Cabangangan
Marlyn Cabuco
Dean Cameron 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775) ANGELAANDDEAN@SHAW.CA
Ken Campbell
David Carter 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Peter Cassar
Rosa Castro 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Thuy Chau
Yi Chen
Edward Choo
Cori Cliff
David Collins 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Cheryl Crooks 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Roberto da Costa
Marco de Medeiros
Glenn Douglas
Carlena-Leigh Dowden
Ashleigh Draaisma
Harjit Dulku 250-721-7591 (campus local: 7591)
John Durika
Catherine Estimada
Tony Ferreira
Teresa Ferro
S Furmanic
Jack Gahunia 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Jaswinder Gahunia 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Brian Gauthier 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
David Gellatly
Michael Gillespie
Mary Grafil
Stacee Greig 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Konstantin Grib
Pthia Griswold
Judd Gruenberg
Leanne Hawkins
Roland Honicke
Melinda Hranchuk
Teija Humalamaki
Sunsuk Kim
Paul L'Heureux
Thai Le
Lawrence Lu 250-472-5858 (campus local: 5858)
Binh Ly
Derrick MacLeod
Tanisha Marcelle
Tracey Marcelle
James Mason
Paul Mason
Volker Mawbey
Giannina Mercado
Roberto Montagnaro
Scott Montgomery
Mina Moufidi 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Eric Mun
Seth Munro
Laura Nava
Wendy Ngo
Rose Nguyen
Ruenruedee Nimwilai
Nerwinn Nitro
Robert O'Neill
Adam Palczewski
Joseph Papio
Craig Payne 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Jeremy Price 250-661-2417
Zachary Pritchard
Tony Qualizza 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Shane Randall
Bill Read
Smain Saidi
Natalia Sena
Kristen Sernoski
Richard Sologastua
Rodrigo Solomon
Arend Stamhuis
Dave Sylvest
Mohammad Tarrach
Patrick Telford
Brian Thompson 250-721-8775 (campus local: 8775)
Robert Thompson
Jason Truong
Justine Truong
Dhondup Tsering
Rob Tunks
Bobby Uankhot
Kieu Vuong
Todd Warner
Faustin Wavedila
Rob Westgate
Eshetu Woldeyes

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