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Department of English (ENGL)

Department of English
University of Victoria
Clearihue Building C343
Department of English
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of English
Department of English
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Receptionist/Undergrad Secretary:
Administrative Officer:
Graduate Program Adviser:
Undergraduate Adviser:

Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Chair Luke Carson 250-721-7236 CLE C343a
Receptionist/Undergrad Secretary Katie Croudy 250-721-7230 CLE C343
Administrative Officer Patricia Ormond 250-721-7235 CLE C343b
Assistant to the Chair Dailyn Ramirez 250-721-7236 CLE C343b
Graduate Program Adviser Stephen Ross 250-721-7237 CLE C357
Graduate Secretary Deborah Ogilvie 250-721-6331 CLE C343
Honours Program Adviser Nicholas Bradley 250-721-7273 CLE D333
Undergraduate Adviser Erin Ellerbeck 250-721-7272 CLE D335
Prof. Communications Minor Adviser Rebecca Halliday 250-721-7254 CLE C317
AWR: ENGL 146 Adviser Lisa Chalykoff 250-721-7262 CLE C312
AWR: ENGL 147 Adviser Rebecca Gagan 250-721-7266 CLE C339

Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Marie Abdolahi
Samuel Adesubokan
Laura Anderson
David Anonby
Babak Ashrafkhani Limoudehi
Sarah Atkins
Alessandra Azouri
Corinne Bancroft
Kim Blank
Shamma Boyarin
Nicholas Bradley 250-721-7273 (campus local: 7273)
Isabelle Burnip-Gerhardt
Pascale Cadieux-Johnson
Luke Carson 250-721-7250 (campus local: 7250)
Lisa Chalykoff
Alison Chapman 250-853-3741 (campus local: 3741)
Katie Croudy
Misao Dean
Jamie Dopp 250-721-7251 (campus local: 7251)
autumn doucette
Christopher Douglas 250-721-7265 (campus local: 7265)
Anna Dow
Hannah Eiserman
Erin Ellerbeck 250-721-7272 (campus local: 7272)
Rebecca Gagan 250-853-3739 (campus local: 3739)
Maryssa Grayer
Beatriz Grigsby-Larson
Joseph Grossi 250-721-7278 (campus local: 7278)
John Hadzipetros
Rebecca Halliday
Joel Hawkes
Vivian Healey
Iain Higgins 250-721-7252 (campus local: 7252)
Madyson Huck
Sara Humphreys
Delicia Jacobs
Madison James
Janelle Jenstad 250-721-7245 (campus local: 7245)
Sorour Karampour Dashti
Magdalena Kay 250-721-7268 (campus local: 7268)
Erin Kelly 250-853-3738 (campus local: 3738)
Colin Keohane
Lucie Kotesovska
Gary Kuchar 250-721-7248 (campus local: 7248)
Suzan Last 250-721-7284 (campus local: 7284)
Mary Elizabeth Leighton 250-721-7244 (campus local: 7244)
Carol Linnitt
Michael Lukas
Brock MacLeod
Kim McLean-Fiander 250-721-7249 (campus local: 7249)
Eric Miller 250-721-7275 (campus local: 7275)
Allan Mitchell 250-721-7267 (campus local: 7267)
Andrew Murray 250-853-3736 (campus local: 3736)
Tucker Nadeau
Deborah Ogilvie
Patricia Ormond 250-721-7235 (campus local: 7235)
David Oswald
Saba Pakdel
Robyn Palfrey
Jeanette Parker
Tiffany Parks
Edward Pechter
Tim Personn
Richard Pickard 250-721-6636 (campus local: 6636)
Sheila Rabillard 250-721-7256 (campus local: 7256)
Dailyn Ramirez
Mitch Renaud
Ashley Reverman
Stephen Ross 250-721-7237 (campus local: 7237)
Molly Rothwell
Jentery Sayers 250-217-0283
Lincoln Shlensky 250-721-6206 (campus local: 6206)
Nicole Shukin 250-721-7270 (campus local: 7270)
Ray Siemens 250-721-7255 (campus local: 7255)
Tim Sobie
Cynthia Spada
Lisa Surridge 250-721-7246 (campus local: 7246)
Barnali Talukder
Sangeev Thevananthan
Kevin Tunnicliffe
Asia Tyson
Richard van Oort 250-853-3737 (campus local: 3737)
Frances Wear
Joel Wheeler
Adrienne Williams Boyarin 250-721-7260 (campus local: 7260)
Caroline Winter
Samuel Wong 250-721-6202 (campus local: 6202)
Nancy Wright
Fatemeh Zarvasi