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Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership (EPLS)

Related departments: Curriculum and Instruction , Education , Elementary Teacher Education , Exercise Sc, Phys & Health Ed , Secondary Teacher Education
Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Chair :
Administrative Assistant to the Chair:
Graduate Secretary - Educational Psych:

Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office - Secretary - EPLS Diana Rutherford 250-721-7799 Mac A439
Program Assistant - Special Education Certificate Program Ione Wagner 250-721-7875 Mac A439
FAX 250-721-6190
Chair Rose Vukovic 250-721-7760 MAC A449
Administrative Assistant to the Chair vacant 250-721-7760 Mac A447
Administrative Officer Andrea Coppard 250-721-7866 Mac A445
Graduate Secretary - Educational Psych Kerstin Burnett 250-721-7883 Mac A439
Program Assistant - Community Based Graduate Prog Ione Wagner 250-721-7875 MAC A439
Counselling Practicum Coordinator Kira Holder 250-721-6469 Mac A456
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Willow Samara Allen
Safoura Askari
Michelle Bahena Olivares
Shailoo Bedi 250-721-8226 (campus local: 8226)
Natasja Benfaida
Kathy Bishop
Timothy Black
Sydney Boothroyd
Wanda Boyer 250-721-7814 (campus local: 7814)
Sally Brenton-Haden
Lucinda Brown 250-721-7857 (campus local: 7857)
Megan Buchkowski
Kerstin Burnett
Jessica Buss
Ian Cameron
Jennifer Casavant
Natasha Caverley
Fred Chou 250-721-7809 (campus local: 7809)
Jessika Clark
Darlene Clover 250-721-7816 (campus local: 7816)
Andrea Coppard 250-721-7866 (campus local: 7866)
Rose Cotton
Anne Davies
Sarah Davis
Grace Demerling
Marissa Donaldson
Paige Fisher
Tatiana Gounko 250-721-7772 (campus local: 7772)
Joe Grewal
Connor Guillet
Allyson Hadwin 250-721-6347 (campus local: 6347)
Fizza Haider
Budd Hall 250-721-8062 (campus local: 8062)
Denis Harrigan
Kathleen Harris
Gina Harrison 250-721-7783 (campus local: 7783)
Kindra Harte 250-514-0455
Kira Holder 721-646-9
Myer Horowitz 250-721-7861 (campus local: 7861)
Tasha Jarisz
Sanna Jarvela
Lois Karwandy
Nabila Kazmi
Behnoosh Khoramrooz
Cynthia Korpan 250-472-4798 (campus local: 4798)
Christina Kruit
Nadia Kulikova
Liam Law
Jie Li
Wendy Ma
Irene Mai
Anne Marshall
Joan Martin 721-779-2
Yvonne Martin-Newcombe
Donna McGhie-Richmond 250-721-7817 (campus local: 7817)
Todd Milford 250-721-7777 (campus local: 7777)
Mariel Miller 250-721-8465 (campus local: 8465)
Doug Mollard
Diana Nicholson
Muqing Nie
Sarah Nutter 721-779-5
Rikka Paular
Natalee Popadiuk
Libbie Pritchard
Syed Qudsia
Alex Roberts
Jillian Roberts 250-721-6348 (campus local: 6348)
William Rodger
Ramin Rostampour
Aleigha Russell
Diana Rutherford 250-721-7799 (campus local: 7799)
Alana Samson
Gina Sandoval Martinez
Michaela Sawyer
David Silk
Navjot Sohi
Michael Sorsdahl
Paweena Sukhawathanakul
Rose Vukovic
Ione Wagner 250-721-7875 (campus local: 7875)
John Walsh 250-472-5993 (campus local: 5993)
Vanessa White
Jessica Willows
Jon Woodend
Annie Wu
Xinyu Zhang

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