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Academic Services & Administrative Services (ACSV)

Related departments: University Systems , Computing Services , Network Services , UVic Online
Academic Services & Administrative Services
University of Victoria
Clearihue Building
Academic Services & Administrative Services
University Systems
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road
Clearihue Loading Ramp Rm. C070
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
Academic Services & Administrative Services
University Systems
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Senior Director, Academic & Admin Services & Chief Information Security Officer Nav Bassi 250-721-7531 CLE C026
Assistant to Senior Director Lotte van den Dam 250-472-5677 CLE C026
Associate Director, Client Technologies Lance Grant 250-721-6399 CLE A019
Associate Director, Desktop Support Services David Street 250-853-3191 CLE A111a
Associate Director, Service Management Marcus Greenshields 250-721-7228 CLE A107a
Associate Director, Information Security Office Eric van Wiltenburg 250-472-5204 CLE A008

Computer Help Desk

Computer Help Desk 250-721-7687 CLE A005
Computer-Assisted Language Learning Facility 250-721-8959 CLE A041
CLE Student Comp Facility (Upper) 250-721-7684 CLE A111
CLE Student Comp Facility (Lower) 250-721-6145 CLE A015
BEC Student Comp Facility 250-721-8910 BEC 165
HSD Student Comp Facility 250-721-6392 HSD A140

Technology Solutions Centre (TSC)

Technology Solutions Centre 250-853-3572 CLE C143
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Dave Bakken 250-472-4838 (campus local: 4838)
Annemarie Balfour 250-472-4306 (campus local: 4306)
Nav Bassi
Jeff Birmingham 250-721-7765 (campus local: 7765)
Mark Cacovic 250-721-7848 (campus local: 7848)
Laura Chan 250-472-4645 (campus local: 4645)
Ally Chen
Kevin Chubak 250-853-3755 (campus local: 3755)
Chris Cookson
Will Cookson 250-472-5919 (campus local: 5919)
Eugene Deen 250-721-7557 (campus local: 7557)
Kelly Diether 250-472-5949 (campus local: 5949)
Ricardo Draper 250-721-6684 (campus local: 6684)
Allison Edwards 250-472-5636 (campus local: 5636)
Greg Fanning 250-721-6021 (campus local: 6021)
Rob Fillo
Andrew Finlay 250-472-4832 (campus local: 4832)
Doug Fisher 250-853-3907 (campus local: 3907)
Jordan Forbes
Patrick Frisby 250-853-3591 (campus local: 3591)
James Gauvreau
Lance Grant 250-721-6399 (campus local: 6399)
Heather Gray
Marcus Greenshields 250-721-7228 (campus local: 7228)
Dallas Harwood 250-721-6629 (campus local: 6629)
David Hernon 250-721-5642 (campus local: 5642)
Elizabeth Heslop 250-721-6055 (campus local: 6055)
Michelle Hohertz 250-472-4919 (campus local: 4919)
Mario Ivanov 250-472-5950 (campus local: 5950)
Casey Jenks 250-472-4166 (campus local: 4166)
Stephen Kagan 250-721-6252 (campus local: 6252)
Arshdeep Kaur
Curtis Les
Kenny Liau 250-721-8792 (campus local: 8792)
Jason Littleton 250-721-6456 (campus local: 6456)
John MacDonald 250-853-3254 (campus local: 3254)
Tomoyo Masuda
Blake McStravick 250-721-8903 (campus local: 8903)
Laur Mihail
Jan Misovic 250-721-6394 (campus local: 6394)
Catherine Murphy 250-472-5626 (campus local: 5626)
Luke Mynott 250-472-4578 (campus local: 4578)
Colin Newell 250-721-6622 (campus local: 6622)
Ryan Pollak 250-721-7693 (campus local: 7693)
Josh Potton 250-472-5665 (campus local: 5665)
Michael Quan 250-853-3792 (campus local: 3792)
Tammy Ruffolo 250-721-7666 (campus local: 7666)
Mike Scharien 250-721-6518 (campus local: 6518)
Taylor Schmautz
Lucas Small 250-721-7848 (campus local: 7848)
Alex Solunac 250-721-8289 (campus local: 8289)
David Street 250-853-3191 (campus local: 3191)
Sophie Stroink 250-472-5481 (campus local: 5481)
Marc Thoma 250-472-4282 (campus local: 4282)
Mike Thomas 250-721-6617 (campus local: 6617)
Scott Thorpe
Gary Tunnell
Eric van Wiltenburg 250-472-5204 (campus local: 5204)
Sajjad Zainulabedeen 250-472-5221 (campus local: 5221)

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