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School of Child & Youth Care (CHIL)

School of Child & Youth Care
University of Victoria
Human & Social Development Building 1st floor B-Wing
School of Child & Youth Care
Human and Social Development Building
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Child & Youth Care
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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General Office:
Acting Director:

Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

General Office 250-721-7979 HSD B102a
FAX 250-721-7218
Acting Director Mandeep Kaur Mucina 250-721-7981 HSD B134
Acting Academic Administrative Officer Alexandra Martin 250-721-7980 HSD B104
Graduate Advisor Bryan Silverman HSD B106
Undergraduate Program Advisor Brooke De Maiffe 250-721-7984 HSD B146
Practicum Coordinator Amanda Duke 250-721-6475 HSD B142
Assistant to the Director & Office Manager Leo Jiang 250-472-5745 HSD B102
Graduate Program Assistant Caroline Green 250-472-4857 HSD B144
Undergraduate Program & Admissions Assistant Margo McCanney 250-721-7979 HSD B102
Undergraduate Program Assistant Sierra Jasper 250-721-7979 HSD B102
Undergraduate Program Assistant Kalisa Valenzuela 250-721-7979 HSD B102
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Kelsey Acheson
Carol Amaratunga
Jessica Ball
Gordon Barnes
Sandrina Carere
Grant Charles
Nick Claxton 250-472-4948 (campus local: 4948)
Samantha Corrington
Brooke De Maiffe
Amanda Duke
Roy Ferguson
Nozomi Franco Cea
Alison Gerlach 250-721-8550 (campus local: 8550)
Angie Gray
Caroline Green 250-472-4857 (campus local: 4857)
Shemine Gulamhusein
Laurie Harding
Bronwyn Harrison
Lindsay Herriot
Jodi Hoffman
Marie Hoskins
Mikael Jansson 250-853-3134 (campus local: 3134)
Sierra Jasper
Leo Jiang 250-472-5745 (campus local: 5745)
Doris Kakuru
Huguette Kamikazi
Maeve Lydon 250-891-8096
Ricky Mariiro
Alexandra Martin
Amarens Matthiesen
Farah Mawani
Shanne McCaffrey 250-721-7989 (campus local: 7989)
Margo McCanney 250-721-7979 (campus local: 7979)
Andres Montiel
Peter Moss
Mandeep Kaur Mucina 250-721-7981 (campus local: 7981)
Terra Nielsen
A Bame Nsamenang
Chaa'winisaks Ogilvie 250-721-6233 (campus local: 6233)
Susan Predy
Lewis Rhodes
Frances Ricks
Bryan Silverman
Sibylle Talmon-Gros Artz
Kalisa Valenzuela
Angela Veale
Laura Vetrone
Janet White
Jennifer White 250-721-7982 (campus local: 7982)