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Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCMA)

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
University of Victoria
Bob Wright Centre A203
Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
Environment and Climate Change Canada
University of Victoria, Bob Wright Centre
3800 Finnerty Road, Rm A203
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
Environment and Climate Change Canada
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
MANAGER Gregory Flato 250-363-8233 SCI A211
GENERAL OFFICE INQUIRIES Tiffany Petersen 250-363-8228 SCI A203
FAX 250-363-8247 SCI A248
IT Support Mike Berkley 250-363-8234 SCI A223


Research Scientist James Anstey 250-363-3347 SCI A243
Research Scientist Vivek Arora 250-363-8246 SCI A233
Research Scientist Ali Asaadi 250-363-8243 SCI A236/01
SSC Computing Mike Berkley 250-363-8234 SCI A223
Scientist Emeritus George Boer 250-363-8266 SCI A219/02
Research Scientist Alex Cannon 250-363-8006 SCI A205
Research Scientist/DFO Collaboration Jim Christian 250-363-8319 SCI A214
Scientist Emeritus/DFO Collaboration Ken Denman 250-363-3456 SCI A236/02
Senior Research Scientist/Manager Gregory Flato 250-363-8233 SCI A213
Senior Research Scientist John Fyfe 250-363-8236 SCI A245
Senior Research Scientist Nathan Gillett 250-363-8264 SCI A209
Regional Climate Modelling Scientist Yanjun Jiao 250-363-8257 SCI A240
Research Scientist Slava Kharin 250-363-3319 SCI A241
Ocean Modelling Analyst Warren Lee 250-363-8235 SCI A218
Physical Scientist Woo-Sung Lee 250-363-8229 SCI A219/01
Research Scientist Jiangnan Li 250-363-8232 SCI A231
Visiting Scientist Norm McFarlane 250-363-8240 SCI A227
Senior Computer Systems Analyst Fouad Majaess 250-363-8238 SCI A221
Research Scientist Joseph Melton 250-363-8227 SCI A239
Research Scientist William Merryfield 250-363-8263 SCI A215
Finance and Administration Tiffany Petersen 250-363-8228 SCI A203
Research Associate/UVic Collaboration Cathy Reader 250-363-8243 SCI A236/04
Research Associate/UVic Collaboration Landon Rieger 250-363-3456 SCI A236/03
Research Scientist Robin Rong 250-363-8206 SCI 224/02
Research Scientist Oleg Saenko 250-363-8267 SCI A217
Senior Research Scientist John Scinocca 250-363-8240 SCI A227
Research Scientist Christian Seiler 250-363-8226 SCI A211
Physical Sciences Specialist Clint Seinen 250-363-8229 SCI A219/04
Research Associate/DFO Collaboration Andrew Shao 250-363-8266 SCI A219/03
Research Scientist Michael Sigmond 250-363-8202 SCI A235
Research Scientist Reinel Sospreda-Alfonso 250-363-8230 SCI A225/02
Research Scientist/DFO Collaboration Nadja Steiner 250-363-1433 SCI A212
Research Scientist Neil Swart 250-363-8241 SCI A237
Research Scientist Knut von Salzen 250-363-8237 SCI A229
Research Scientist Cynthia Whaley 250-363-8226 SCI A211
Climate Modelling Scientist Duo Yang 250-363-8245 SCI A216

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