Welcome from the Chair

Neil Burford
Prof. Neil

Chemistry is the central science that creates the modern world. Look no further than the mouse in your hand, the color on your monitor, or the clothes on your back.

Our goal in Chemistry at UVic is to educate the scientists who will create and manipulate the materials of our future human well-being and prosperity, and the citizens who will grapple with the complex societal issues raised by our technologies.

We're well on our way. Our undergraduate programs integrate theory and practical skills and emphasize interconnections between the disciplines, between research and teaching, between chemistry and the world.

Our graduate students and researchers create and explore new materials, probe dynamics in exquisite detail, and stimulate the new high-tech applications of chemistry in the sciences, engineering, and biomedicine.

Our graduates go on to exciting careers in bio-medical science, environmental science, government agencies, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, research and teaching.

High quality programs, exciting research, outstanding staff and faculty—you'll find it all here. You’ll also find why UVic has the right climate for chemistry!

Dr. Neil Burford is the Chair for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Victoria. In this video, Neil talks about the research groups in the department and how their work is being recognized.