Women Re-Framing Human Rights

to appear in International Women's Rights Project

Marilou McPhedran

Published: December 1998

Keywords: women, human rights, international, roundtable, CEDAW, oppression, exploitation, NGOs, Canadian, feminism, alliance, Multilateral Relations, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Civil Society


Beginning in November 1998 through June of this year, the International Women's Rights Project of York University Centre for Feminist Research helped to facilitate five "roundtables" at which participants discussed how women approach international human rights conceptually and how to implement human rights law and policy to the benefit of women. This brief article focuses on issues raised in the first roundtable as part of the Canadian CEDAW Strategies Meeting, at which women's NGO representatives engaged government and UN representatives and academics in a vigorous discussion about how feminist research can further women's quest for their human rights.


Publication: http://www.iwrp.org/reframing_humanrights.htm