Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation: Mapping the Situation and Existing Organisations Working in Belarus, Russia, the Baltic and Nordic States

to appear in International Women's Rights Project

Foundation of Women's Forum

Published: August 1998

Keywords: Women, girls, trafficking, exploitation, prostitution, Sweden, Russia, Nordic countries, Norway, Finland, Baltic countries, NGO, civil society, Violence against Women, Organized Crime, Human Rights, Eastern Europe


Trafficking in women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation is a growing phenomenon around the world. The Foundation of Women's Forum has been alarmed by the increase of this particular manifestation of gender inequality. During the past few years the Foundation of Women's Forum has, through its work with disadvantaged women, also seen changes in the number of foreign women in prostitution in Sweden and identified the need to mobilise NGO resources to cater for the needs of these women. In order to get a comprehensive picture of the nature of the problem and to shatter the myths around the issue, the Foundation of Women's Forum decided to conduct an inquiry into the issue as well as the actions of civil society against it.