Towards A Just and Peaceful Planet - Scenario 3

to appear in Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria

David Brown, Budd Hall, and Rajesh Tandon

Published: October 2006

Keywords: Civil society, global, governance, organization, organisation, ngo, igo, Civil Society


A Concept Paper for the Civil Society Conference, Waterloo, Ontario, October 17-19, 2006

Global civil society needs to continue to move as is often said, from protest to proposal, from reaction to action, from consumers of UN and Global political structures agendas to the fostering of a vision of the world we want. The scenario elaborated briefly in this paper is designed to stimulate our collective imaginations. It is a contribution to a new utopic vision, not utopia as in an unrealistic dream, but utopia as a necessary vision in building a more just and peaceful world. The scenario hopefully also lends some credibility to the notion that even complex challenges are possible to achieve. Finally it is dedicated to the idea that we have no choice but to work towards a new global diplomacy. This is offered in openness, humility and the desire to be helpful.

Disciplines: Governance

Publication: Scenario-3_Brown-Hall-Tandon.pdf