The Small Arms Crisis: What will Work?

to appear in Center for Global Studies

Gordon Smith and Shannon Bradley

Published: August 2000

Keywords: small arms, weapons, black market, illicit trade, disarmament, peace, humanitarian, security, transparency, monitoring, international, standards, norms, destruction,, Disarmament


The uncontrolled trade in small arms has dramatically increased the availability of assault rifles, machine-guns, and grenade launchers in regions where violence is pervasive. The complex humanitarian and security challenges posed by the proliferation of small arms have aroused international attention, but little action. There is no single solution available; progress towards controlling small arms must be made through a protracted effort and in a variety of ways. This report looks not only at past practice but at what is most likely to work in future.

Disciplines: Security and Conflict

Publication: TheSmallArmsCrisisWhatWillWork.pdf