The June G7/8 Summit in Kananaskis

to appear in Globalization and Governance

Gordon Smith

Published: January 2000

Keywords: global, war, terrorism, G7, G8, G7/8, Africa, NEPAD, summit, weapons, Iraq, governance, interdependence, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Terrorism, Multilateral Relations, Fragile / Weak States, Civil Society


The agenda for the June G7/8 Summit in Kananaskis has already been set, barring a major international crisis. The three main subjects of discussion will be the global war on terrorism, the need to adopt policies to support renewed growth in the global economy, and Africa. When the Halifax Summit took place, the major criticism at the time was that, there was not much tangible that happened - in other words some argued Summits were a waste of time and money. Now the major criticism of the Summits is that they do too much that G8 leaders try to run the world in general and international institutions in particular. We need global governance in our increasingly interdependent world, however.

Disciplines: Governance

Publication: TheJuneG78SummitinKananaskis.pdf