Survey of Post-Secondary Education Programs in Canada for Aboriginal Peoples

to appear in International Institute for Child Rights and Development and First Nations Partnerships Program

Cathy Richardson and Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

Published: January 2000

Keywords: education, Aboriginal, post-secondary, Canada, First Nations, culture, Education, Indigenous People


The history of post-secondary education for Aboriginal peoples in Canada is recent. This paper classifies Canada's approach to post-secondary education for Aboriginal peoples
into three categories - the add-on approach, the partnership approach and the First Nations control approach. Case studies have been undertaken to provide a clearer idea of the variety of programs in place to respond
to the specific needs of Aboriginal peoples. Yet, many challenges remain; we are only at the beginning of developing approaches and perspectives that are relevant and reflect the spirit of the Indian Control of Indian Education - a policy statement delivered by the National Indian Brotherhood in 1973 which stands as the litmus test for most educational programming for Canadian Aboriginal

Disciplines: Child Rights