Second Anniversary of the Arab Uprisings POSTER

Jodie Walsh

Published: February 2013

Keywords: Arab Uprising, Multilateral Relations


TITLE: Second Anniversary of the Arab Uprisings
DATE: February 27, 2013
TIME: 2:30-4:30 pm
LOCATION: University of Victoria, Hickman Building, Room 116

DESCRIPTION: How can we make sense of the tumultuous events currently shaking and reshaping the Arab World? Moderated by Andrew Rippin, Department of History, a group of UVic scholars with in-depth knowledge and
expertise in the region will present their thoughts on this question followed by an open discussion.

FORMAT: Discussants will have 5-7 minutes, followed by an open conversation and questions from all

DISCUSSANTS INCLUDE: Gregory Blue (Dept. of History), Peyman Vahabzadeh (Dept. of Sociology), Martin Bunton (Dept. of History), Andrew Wender (Depts. of History & Political Science), Jason Colby (Dept. of History), Hanny Hilmy INTD Doctoral Candidate, Miriam Mueller (Doctoral Candidate, CFGS Graduate Student Fellow)

Disciplines: Governance

Publication: Poster-ARAB-UPRISINGS-Global-Talks-series-.pdf