Out from the Shadows, Good Practices in Working with Sexually Exploited Youth in the Americas

to appear in International Institute for Child Rights and Development

Liza E. Goulet

Published: January 2000

Keywords: sexually exploited, exploitation, children, youth, global, international, participation, community, Americas, child rights, HIV, AIDS, Child Abuse


This booklet is a follow-up to the 1998 Out from the Shadows International Summit of Sexually Exploited Youth. Fifty-five young people from Latin America, Canada, USA and the Caribbean, with direct experience of the sex trade, came together in Victoria, Canada. During the Summit these young people shared their life stories and through music, drama, art and creative writing developed a powerful Declaration and Agenda for Action. Youth placed special emphasis on increasing public awareness and having their voices heard. This booklet is an effort to further extend their voices by providing practical information on innovative projects in the Americas where aspects of the Agenda for Action have been successfully implemented. It is hoped that this look at good practices will be useful to field workers, policy makers, advocates and others by providing some insight into what works to assist sexually exploited youth in exiting the trade.

Disciplines: Child Rights

Publication: http://web.uvic.ca//iicrd/graphics/Out%20from%20the%20shadows.pdf