Laying the Gorundwork: Considerations for a Charter for the Proposed Civil Society Forum

to appear in Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria

Andrew S. Thompson

Published: October 2006

Keywords: Civil society, forum, NGO, IGO, globalization, globalisation, Civil Society


Civil Society Conference Waterloo, Ontario October 17-19, 2006

In order to make the leap from idea to reality, one of the first tasks confronting the architects of the proposed new Civil Society Forum (CSF) will be to draft a charter that outlines the purpose and functions of the assembly. Although the charter does not necessarily have to be a complicated document, it will have to be comprehensive enough to include the following features: a mandate; criteria for determining the size and make-up of the membership; guidelines for funding; and, last but not least, a clear statement outlining the forum's place and role within the existing international system. Focusing on the categories listed above, the purpose of this concept paper is to explore some of the possible directions that organizers might pursue when drafting a charter, as well as some of the thorny political questions that might arise when determining its content and scope.

Disciplines: Governance

Publication: Laying-the-Groundwork_CIGI-Thompson.pdf