How Large is the World of Global Constitutionalism?

to appear in Global Constitutionalism

Mattias Kumm, Anthony F. Lang, Jr., James Tully, and Antje Wiener

Published: March 2014

Keywords: global constitutionalism


As Global Constitutionalism enters its third year, we want to take the opportunity to reflect on and explore the conceptual and institutional boundaries of the world of global constitutionalism. In our first editorial two years ago we defined the mission of the journal to promote a deeper understanding of the foundations, limitations and principles of political order and their dynamics over time across or between states, institutions or political communities. We insisted that Constitutionalism is not to be understood primarily as the study and interpretation of a constitutive legal document, but as a reference frame for interdisciplinary research with a particular focus. We elaborated on the challenges of interdisciplinarity in our second editorial. In this year’s editorial we want to reflect further on the particular focus that comes with a constitutionalist frame of reference.


Publication: how-large-is-the-world-of-global-constitutionalism.pdf