From SARS to Avian Flu - Why Ottawa Must Lead Canada's Response

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Kumanan Wilson and Harvey Lazar

Published: February 2006

Keywords: pandemics, Ottawa, policy, SARS, Avian, West Nile, mad cow, public, health, emergencies, Canada, response, detection, outbreak, resources, Infectious Diseases and Pandemics, Global Health


From SARS to avian flu, from West Nile Virus to mad cow disease, public health
emergencies and the prospect of them in Canada made a strong case for Ottawa
leading Canada's response. The 2003 SARS outbreak in Toronto was a reminder of
the need for federal leadership in health emergencies with national implications,
affecting the health of Canadians and the good name of Canada around the world.
An emerging human avian flu pandemic in Canada, write Kumanan Wilson and
Harvey Lazar, would require strong national leadership for "early detection of the
outbreak and the mobilization of adequate public health resources."

Disciplines: Governance, Human Security, Science and Technology

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