Fisheries Resources in British Columbia

to appear in Ocean Resources, Oceans and Marine Fisheries Branch, BC Ministry of Environment

Barron Carswell

Published: June 2007

Keywords: oceans management, seafood, fisheries, aquaculture, shellfish, Oceans Governance


Our marketing advantage:
- Pristine and natural environment
- Strong conservation and stock management
- A diversity of high quality products
- Reliability, sustainability, traceability

Our marketing reality:
- Global markets are changing and are demanding certification
- Competitors are more advanced in certification processes
- Our product mix is changing
- Need to add value to seafood
- Shift from homogenous commodities to specialized products
- Ensuring traceability and food safety

Disciplines: Environment, Governance

Publication: Barron-Carswell--Fisheries-Management-in-ICOM-in-BC.pdf